Richard W. Pearl

11720 Beltsville Drive, 5th Floor
Beltsville, Maryland 20705


1992-2000  BELL ATLANTIC, Silver Spring, Maryland
1985-1995  UNITED STATES COAST GUARD, Portsmouth, Virginia

1998-Present Curriculum Manager  Bell Atlantic Information Systems Education Center (ISEC)

   § Instructor - provided training on Mainframe MVS/TSO and Cobol programming language
      to new hires through lecture and hands on case studies in a six week educational course.

  § Manage Initial Programming Skills Curriculum, responsible for the content, schedule and
     implemention of Core and technical track classes, based on the training requirements of recruiting.

1994-1998 Application Specialist  Bell Atlantic Information Systems (IS)

  § Designed, implemented and maintained the Business Revenue Information System (BRIS),
     encompassing 200+ Cobol programs, JCL, VSAM Databases and SQL/DB2, utilizing MVS
     Mainframe, Endeavor, RPM and Rimdoc; with Windows, Excel, Server FTP and CWW
     (corporate Web application) as client interface tools. Expanse of support included 7 sites.

  § Completed Year2000 inventory, remediation, testing and deployment of all BRIS Cobol
     software for compliancy with Year2000 conversion standards, 1 year ahead of schedule.

  § Proactively identified and completed analyses of vendor software support cost effectiveness,
      resulting in a cost savings of 240k/year through in-house software development.

  § Reduced system outage time and abends by 75% (avg 43 abends/month down to 11;
      approx 1,500 jobs run/month). Delivered an average of 60 projects and enhancements per year,
      all early or on time, with a 100% success rate.


Temple University - Philadelphia Pennsylvania
      Bachelor of Science - Computer Information Sciences, August 1991

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