Factory Synched Contax II / III ?
I recently serviced a Contax III that I'm convinced was originally built with an X-synch PC outlet.

The following photos illustrate why I don't believe this synch was added after manufacture.
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This is a close-up view of the shutter module casting of a typical prewar Contax II. Note the thin wall to the left of the shutter curtains.
Now, here's the one with flash synch:

In this photo, the lower left corner of the shutter module is shown, with the tab on the left edge of the shutter curtain just about to strike the top of the plunger to fire the flash. Note the section of the casting that the plunger is mounted in: this area does not exist on the prewar camera and could not have been added as it's integral to the chassis casting. (This is a late production Contax, with the serial number (M38892) in the accessory shoe)

This is the same camera, with the curtain fully travelled to its stop. The plunger has been depressed and the closed synch contacts can be seen below the edge of the shutter curtain.

Finally, here's the same area of the chassis of a Kiev. Note that the protrusion on the chassis casting is present as in the later Contax, but it is not being used for the flash synch. The Kiev synch uses a different mechanism, mounted on the side of the chassis. (sorry about the photo quality on this one)

And just for grins, here's a sketch of the Contax's flash synch:

As I've always assumed that all Contax II and III cameras at least left the original factory without flash synch, this was new to me. The special yoke on the shutter curtain could have been an aftermarket item, but surely they couldn't have retrofitted the whole shutter chassis casting!

If you have some insight into this mystery, I'd love to hear from you by email.

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