argoflex shutter
This page shows the disassembly of the shutter in an Argoflex E, EM or EF for cleaning and restoring proper shutter speeds.
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Once the shutter has been disassembled to this point, use a very small amount of cigarette lighter fluid (naphtha) to clean the shafts of the gears and pallet of the escapement. If the shutter blades are oily, remove the rear lens element and clean both front and rear blade surfaces with lighter fluid on a Q-Tip. Operate the blades and reclean them several times to work the oil out of the pivot areas. Don't reassemble the shutter until everything is dry and running well.

Just for grins, here's another sketch. The metal-bodied Argoflexes were made to accept only 620 film, but you can convert them easily for 120 by following these steps.
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