Contax IIa Repair Notes
The Contax IIa shutter needs more regular attention than the prewar Contax II did... to the extent that professional service is hardly cost-effective. The good news is that the necessary access and service is easy enough to do it yourself if you're reasonably nimble.

(Please note that these notes and sketches do NOT apply to the prewar Contax II and III models, or to the Kiev rangefinder cameras. Those are a different design.)
For a typical CLA, the working parts are just under the top cover:

The sketch above shows the arrangement of parts and the necessary steps to get the top cover off. For a more detailed look at the curtain shafts and the speed adjustments, take a look at the sketch below:

The only lubricant used in these areas will be a very thin shutter oil, typically applied with a watch oiler. These are available from Fargo Tools. The slow speed escapement may run smoothly without any lubrication once it has been well cleaned in cigarette lighter fluid (Naphtha).

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