The Goerz Minicord 16mm TLR
Now, I KNOW you have a dozen of these lying around the house with sticky shutters and were just waiting for someone to show you how to get into them. Well, even if you don't, they're a pretty interesting little camera.
The Minicord is as unique inside as it is out:

The shutter timing mechanism is accessed easily by removing the left-hand side panel. The shutter itself can be removed rearward by removing two screws.

The Minicord uses a unique shutter timing system with no gears at all: The blade is pulled by a spring, and its travel is retarded by an air piston. The shutter speed dial simultaneously increases tension on the spring and opens a hole in the air cylinder as you select a faster speed - both operations are continuous, so you can freely select intermediate speeds from 1/10 to 1/400. At the lower speeds the shutter is virtually silent; it makes a progressively louder 'click' as the blade speed increases at higher speeds.

The viewfinder is as unique as the shutter: the eye level prism is placed in front of the focusing screen, utilizing space that would otherwise have been wasted in the optical path of the viewing lens. The prism design is similar to that used in early Alpas; the Minicord came out within about a year of the Contax S (the first reflex camera with an eye level prism viewfinder) and the Alpa.

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