H e y K o o l - A i d M a n
Yes I love Koolaid. I have been drinking it since I started school and when I die and they cut me open, I will look like a rainbow of FDA approved colors.
Here are a few of my Kool-aid Stats.

Here is a listing of my Koolaid Jar.

This includes Trading Status. Key is as follows

1. Generally availible in the Dallas area. Super Fruity are hard to come by..but can be found.

2. Rare..and Im hoarding what I find. Try Food Lion or Small Lots...A few can be found. I could be convinced to trade.

3.Forget It..I only have one or two and they are all mine...ha hah ha ha haaahhh

Flavor Nurtasweet Super Fruity Trading Status
Lemonade y 1
Strawberry 1
Rasberry 2
Pink Swimingo 3
Island Twists


Island Twists

Oh Yea Orange Pineapple

Island Twists

Slammin Strawberry Kiwi

Island Twists

Kicking Kiwi Lime

Pink Lemonade 1
Lemon Lime 1
Grape y 1
Orange 1
Cherry y 1
Black Cherry 1
Watermelon-cherry 1
Pina Pineapple y 3
Tropical Punch y y 1
Mega Mountain Twists

Grape Berry Splash

y 1
Mega Mountain Twists

Soaring Strawberry Lemon

y 1
Mega Mountain Twists


Incrediberry y y 2
Scary Black Cherry (CAN) 3
Eeire Orange (CAN) 3
Orange(CAN) 3
lemon(CAN) 2
Grape(CAN) 3
Mango Berry(CAN) 3
Pink Swimingo(CAN) Y 3
Strawberry(CAN) 2
Lemon Lime(CAN) 3
Berry Blue (CAN) 3

I'm open for any trades. I can get most anything I need locally..but am always on the lookout for old flavors. What about any Mexican Packets in Spanish. . Always on the lookout for Halloween Flavors and Russian packs.

I also have a Koolaid Man Comic. I bought 3 in a bargin bin..but I only really need one.

I got it at the comic dealer at the Vikon Market in Garland. (See Im not greedy).

Some Images (more to come)

Pic 1
Pic 2

Some Links
The Pantry - Genral Foods...the Birth place.
kafaq.html......koolaid faq


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