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74 Date: 1999-12-04 13:25:54

Nix ( / no homepage) wrote:

stoff..brettles..greggy..dillz..ash..gav..langaz.. rossi..benji..altzzyy..seskin.. (hope i got all of you) guys i miss you so much and i cant wait to see you again... i hope you are all having the most amazing time but not getting in toooooo much shit... stoff thanx for all the fonecalls... i love you and miss you bubz... life here is so but so boring... actually boring isnt the word... anyways... basically just keep on having a gr8 time and please keep in touch guyss... luv and miss ya all tonss!!!! spk soon guys... mwaa love nixyyyy shnitzzzz just an early happy b-day for the 11th stoff... dont worry ill fone and fax and whatever else you need me to do!!


73 Date: 1999-12-04 08:54:38

raymond family ( / no homepage) wrote:

hi gilly, it was great talking to you just now and safta said you phoned her- she was so glad. Keep well and safe and continye to have a great time. love you ima aba libby netta and sammy.


72 Date: 1999-12-04 05:35:29

Lisa and Taz ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hey Everyone, Just a quick message to say we hope you're having an amazing time ! We miss you all heaps ! Don't get into too much trouble ! :) Luv you lots !! Taz and Lis


71 Date: 1999-12-04 04:34:36

Jo Weisser ( / no homepage) wrote: Do they even get thse things?


70 Date: 1999-12-03 12:26:20

JQ ( / no homepage) wrote:

smell, snotty, cara, caz,kath,toc,lewko,nomolos, jordi, wedgie, rossi , skeri, rak and everyone else just writing to say life here is unbelievably boring!!! ( not surprising at all ) jsut writing to say hope you all got my fax ( and if you didnt ask jords coz she got it ) jordii hope you feel betta soon it was good speaking to you and enjoy the free w.e. luv you all heaps n heaps.! p.s lewko your dog escaped from your house againand ended up on my door step rossi...mising your lovely singing voice and guiter talents cant wait till you get bak or i see u in israel mwa mwa


69 Date: 1999-12-03 11:41:38

CALZ ( / no homepage) wrote:

ASH, stoff, brettles, bask, dilz, gav, benj lang ross,greggy, altz etccccc (sorry if i left u out) Long time no spk......welll i hope u having the most incredible time ever....misssing u lots!!! love u lotsssssss love always calz!!!!! (keep in touch)


68 Date: 1999-12-03 11:20:50

Jess and Haylz ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hey Kath, coops, tocci, rak, cazza, lell, jords, cara and neone else........soz if we left ya out! we r misssssing u sooooo muchhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! kath, we hope u are feeling better soon! wat a pain hey!!! coops, jess got ur pressie fixed!!!hahaha!, pasta, we heard bout, u know.....hubba hubba!!! lell, we r missin u and jess has kept in contact with ur parents!hahaha. rak, dont know wat camp is gonna be like withour u!!!, jords, we hope the band tour was awesome and u enjot ist! caz, all i can really say is that i can smell u from downunder!hahahaha. cara, we r missing ur blowdrying talents \ hair is lifeless and ewwww.........we need more air in our hair! ahhaha newyas girls and everyone else we luv ya lots! enjoy the rest! Luv jess and haylz ps. is gonna be quite different without ya!we love ya! hahahahahah


67 Date: 1999-12-03 10:38:04

JoJo weisser ( / no homepage) wrote:

Stoff, Brett. Greg, Wayney, ashy, dillzy, gav i havent spokent to you, , but im just writing to send ym love and to tell u i miss you thinking of you always love jojo


66 Date: 1999-12-03 07:16:23

Seegs ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hey Carly B, now you have my email address ( so when writing emails jot down a few lines for me. Anyway i feel wierd writing a message that will be posted on the net so: have a brilliant time, say hello to everyone i know for me (eg. moishe, mirrey(how the hell do you spell that?!?!), and put a note in the kotel for my physics and maths exams next week which im dead for!!@!!!!! Gotta go..shabbos is coming.... oh that reminds me...if he hasnt yet, tell Groovin Reuvin to make the owner's (of melon ruach) son sing HaMalach Hagoel Oti at shabbos dinner. Also academy leaves on monday and some girls you might know are going if your friends with ness and nicki and i dunno who else so you should try look them up. Theyre on Academy. OK, was supposed to be a short message but what the hell. chowchow, Ian. PS if you havent found out what nargila is yet..hurry up. Bye.


65 Date: 1999-12-03 07:14:24

kimmy dres ( / no homepage) wrote:

hey hey ppl hope u are having a ball!! it was hot for like the first time todya here!! wats the weather like?? anywayz.... have fun and see yah next year!! luv kimmy


64 Date: 1999-12-03 06:57:10

JEN & SAL ( / no homepage) wrote:

BOOO!! helo my lil munchkins! We miss u all :( syd just aint the same without u all!! I hope ur all takin care of each other and ur toenails!! MWAMWAMWA cant wait to c ur faces again bak here HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Brett, steve, wayne.B. and Dean im stil guna fulfil my promise for new years (sal) Too bad ur so far away! Yes well me and JEn well just have to find 2 babes bak here in the shit hole itself! well babes we miss u all please take care and have the time of ur lives MWAAAAAAAMWAMWAMWAMWAMWA luv ya Waynal, Gavalz, Juddles, Lintz, Bossi (twini), Danny, Bretti, Gweggii, Dildo, Dean, Kitty, Nicson, Wayne.b, and the rest of u MWA WE LUV U ALL NEVER FORGET THAT BYE BYE :( MWAAAAAAAAAA


63 Date: 1999-12-03 06:52:39

Pete Enestrom ( / wrote:

YO MICHEAL LINTON + DANNY BLOOM! Pete here... just wanna say, keep it kickin hard with the bandana's of hardcore. Have a mad time, say hi to everyone for me. PEACE


62 Date: 1999-12-02 08:15:43

emilia ( / no homepage) wrote:

hey kate!!! just a little message to say hi! hope ur having a great time!!!! miss ya heaps, plz write really soon! Ben says HI!- hope that makes u happy!! love heaps xoxoxoxoxoxox mimi! ps) miki says HI!!


61 Date: 1999-12-02 06:50:14

sallick&dean-he ( / no homepage) wrote:

hey everyone!hope ur not missin us TOO much...HAPPY sweet 16 RAK!!missin ya stax. KATH WE WISH U BETTER and we r expecting lots of prezzies(especially from u linton coz u missed my bday!) by the way RAK, stop bloody sneaking out of ur room at night!haha dont forget to use protection nicson hope ur havin fun! mwa LUV LAUREN AND DEACHNE THE SCOTTISH LAS


60 Date: 1999-12-02 02:34:31

Roxy Tanne (no email / no homepage) wrote:

hey gals n guys..... bo, floss, franx. kitty and juss and whoever else that called...thanx soo much, it was so nice to hear your voices!! im gonna call soon but i need to know your room numbers! i hope ur all having an amazing time! Syd is so boring without u guys, Baskin, u look hot in the photos on the net man...ur like in every one!!! Franx,.....GUESS WHOS BACK IN SYD WHEN U NOT HERE.....TANEROO!!!!!!!!HAHAHA boys i havnt heard from u yet?!?!!? r u enjoying it? anyway i miss u all so bloody much , come home already!! enjoy the w.e! ill fax soon! take care....luv Rox


59 Date: 1999-12-01 10:56:36

jakey adler ( / no homepage) wrote:

gday boys and girls, just saying a quick hello hope all is well thanx steve and ann tray keks and others. i came home last night and cryed cause i miss u. steve i guess i do depend on u alot. and ann tray and all i missin u heaps to. steve im hanging a Phat party for u when u get bak. have a good one luv jake


58 Date: 1999-12-01 10:47:15

Pat ( / no homepage) wrote:

Mike Ross sup man? Just seein how ya goin in Israel im off to Ireland for 2 weeks n just thoguht id wish ya a good time seein as i wont bee near a puta for a whiel :P neway man have a sik NYE (hehehe) and i will spk to ya wen ure bak in aust


57 Date: 1999-12-01 08:50:31

Jemma ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Ryan and all! Hope you havin a gr8 time! Missing you heeps! speak to you soon lots of love! love Jemma xoxoxox


56 Date: 1999-12-01 07:21:14

Shnitz ( / no homepage) wrote:

hey guyyss... well this is just a quick one to let you know how much i luv you d00ds n am missin you...Sydney is still the sammee... stoff,kit,cands,sam,tal thanx for the callzzz... it was so nice hearing from you guysss..guys i need you room numbers so i can call you.... i love you guysn miss you alll... keep in touch...mwa love shnitzer


55 Date: 1999-11-30 13:27:13

Shaun and Zinny ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello everybody and everyone.Just got back from big night. Very tired and sleepy.zzzzz.Anyway a big hello to gubz and Rick and everyone else who is interested in looking at this.bye


54 Date: 1999-11-30 12:36:18

GaBzZz&JQ (no email / no homepage) wrote:

Guys we miss and luv u all sooooo much. An early happy birthday to Kerry, Rak, Lisa, Stoffel and Bo^ and anyone else we missed out!!! We are expecting more fonecalls and more goss. Cazza and Fruitloops cant wait to see u soon,dont miss me too much, the presents better be coming..mwa-JQ Juss,Frank, Kit, Cands, Jon,Bo, thanks for the calls i luv u all SO much and everyone else even tho u havent called me yet!! i want an update DAILY! miss u alllllll- Goobi WE LUV U AND HOPE U R ALL HAVING THE BEST TIME WITHOUT US!!! *mWa* PS- Kath hope u get better soon...Lella dont get too close to her u may get sick for the first time ever!


53 Date: 1999-11-30 12:29:20

danny form perth ( / no homepage) wrote:

ricky kitay ruls


52 Date: 1999-11-30 09:44:52

me again... (no email / no homepage) wrote:

yeh....i forgot to ask what is the fax number?? whats israels code thingo...and then is it 6523120????????????????


51 Date: 1999-11-30 04:41:11

Jodi Weisser ( / no homepage) wrote:



50 Date: 1999-11-29 07:11:10

Ari Feller ( / no homepage) wrote:

cands i got ur msg from aidz thank u so much.. but u know it would be betta hearing it from u!!!! (hint hint) anyway guys hope ur havin a great time and cands u know what im just about to say ie. im madly and deeply......!!!!! hahaah Speak soon. p.s hey bec!!!! hope ur havin a great time...and i hope to hear from u soon!!! Love Ari


49 Date: 1999-11-29 06:03:34

Calz (no email / no homepage) wrote:

HEY PPPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how are u aallllllllll?? im misssing u guys so much and thanx kit juss tal sam for foninggg today!!!!! (and waking me at 6 juss) It made my day!! Anywayzz it was brils spking to u guys...keep in touch! missing u heaps! love always calzy!!!!


48 Date: 1999-11-29 05:56:03

didi ( / no homepage) wrote:

girllssss and boysssssss im mising u all sosososo much hope ure having an incredible time!!!its not the same without u!!!..but plenty has happened and im in the middle of working out the number ill try and call u all soon....or u could call me...hmmm!! heheh keep shining all of u!! mwaaaaaaa NELLIIEEE


47 Date: 1999-11-29 05:48:37

JoJo ( / no homepage) wrote:

hi everyone just a quick one to send my love.... thanks for calling guys u can give me a number and i can call u so do it!!!!! cos ill call. i miss you all so much love always jojo


46 Date: 1999-11-29 05:06:13

Alan Solly ( / no homepage) wrote:

HEY EVERYONE....well sydney is still the same old shit hole...i wanna get outta this place..but anyway..hope u all are having and have an amazing time over there....someone email me n tell me how u doing over there !! ... anyways speak 2 u when u get bacck .. Alan.


45 Date: 1999-11-28 07:55:29

Richard Eisenstein ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hope everyone on IST is having a great time and i will see u when u get back.


44 Date: 1999-11-28 06:53:58

Aaron Basger ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hope you guys are havin a great time and are gettin on with each other reaaaal well, you missed my bday and didnt ring or email me a happy bday :((( anyway have fun, dont mind me aaron


43 Date: 1999-11-28 06:31:02

Roxy ( / no homepage) wrote:

Bo,Kitty, Flos, Franx, Sam, Juss, Talz, Greg, Brett, Stoff, Dillz, Benj, Ross, Langas, Altzz etc,,,, i MISS U GUYS SOOOOOOO MUCH!! i HOPE u r having an amazing time and enjoying urselves! I am counting down the days till u guys return, I cant wait to hear all the news....e-mail me when u get the chance! Love u all and missing u to bits!!!! :((


42 Date: 1999-11-28 06:12:25

JUzZ&StEfF&ALAN ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hey GUYZ!! watsup and happenin??how all you guyz doin...? well sydney is absolutely ded without u guyz..howz israel treatin u all ...tomoz we beaching with teh left ova T.I.s ppl NIX FRANK-i spoke to yur mom today and i told her to send my luv when she spoke to u ..but i miss u everythin is so quiet in douglas st!!haha KERRY SCHNEIDER- ARE YOU STILL WITH LEWKO?!?! :p AND A BIGGG EARLY HAPPY BDAY MWWAA WE WILL FAX U..JUST REMEBER JUST COS U TURNING 16 DUSNT MEAN NE ACTION NEEDS 2 BE DONE !!!! ROMY TEPERSON- HELLOO MY LITTLE SAUSAGEE :) (JRR SAUSAGE) ANZ,TRAX,BERTA- WE MISSING U STAXXX... 2 THE REST OF U -we misss u heaps and hope u having the most unreal time in ERETZ YISRAEL.. we hope u thinking of much as we thinking of u :) luv and miss you all heaps, mwwwaaaaa LUV JUzZz&SteFF... and oyeah..alan


41 Date: 1999-11-28 05:45:11

Eden ( / no homepage) wrote:

Dear IST`99, hope you ppl are having a great time. I just wanne say hi to Dister, Willmond, J and U Wok, stricker, Anna D and SAmANTHA!!! hahah..Joke..Justine, ill speak to you bout the image when u get back :), have a great time ppl, hope to hear from you soon via email and speak to you, when you get back!


40 Date: 1999-11-27 14:18:59

CALZY ( / no homepage) wrote:

Stoff,Bask,Benj,B,Lang,Ross,Laz,Altz,Gav,Gregy and dilzzzzzzzzz....just a quick message to say im misssing u guys so much!!!! Hope u having the most incredible time ever, hope to hear from you all soon!!!! Dont forget about us.... Thinking of u.... love alwayz calz!!!


39 Date: 1999-11-27 14:14:05

Calli ( / no homepage) wrote:

FLOS FRANX KIT JUS SAM TAL BO.......hey guys, misssing u heaps (As u can tell) cant wait to hear from u guys...*hint hint*....hope u having the best time of ur lives and thinking of us as much as we r of u! misss u lotsss, love always and forever calzy!!!!


38 Date: 1999-11-27 11:38:15

g0rnst[a] ( / wrote:

Hey everyone!! I hope your all having a great time in Israel. I hope the weather is good too. Cya Soon PS: For gordo and shmu, after the 3rd day of Holden Australian Open Baddley is the outright leader with a group of about 15, 1 or 2 shots behind. Cya!


37 Date: 1999-11-27 10:22:04

Jakki ( / no homepage) wrote:

hey all!! Hope your all having a blast!! Enjoy!! Remember this: Zoom, Russian Compound, Allenby 58 (make sure not on a gay night), Allenby 47th, Colloseum, Shambo. Hope all the teachers are surviving with you guys. msg for Lewko: Senecky misses you heaps!!


36 Date: 1999-11-27 10:00:51

Peta Lee Janks ( / no homepage) wrote:

hey ke, hope ur having the time of ur life and well and having an absolute jol...... missing u lots. write soon. everyone here sends their love. MWA love always me!


35 Date: 1999-11-27 09:45:24

Jenna Klug ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hey danny! hope u having an absolutely amazing time, i can't wait 4 u 2 cum bak! I'm missing u lots! *MWA*. luv ur cuz


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