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Date: 1999-12-18 08:22:58
Shnitzz ( / no homepage) wrote:

Nixxx i am so sorry i missed your call!!!!!! i was soooooo pissed opff when i got home but i luv you bubz and greggy thanx for the call and waking me!!!!! ahahahah mwaaaaaa love you guys


Date: 1999-12-18 07:56:25
JoJo (
JODELLZ@HOTMAIL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

NIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I AM 'OVER-JOYED' THAT I FINALLY HEARD YOUR VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!1 i love u so much my baby!!!!!!!!!!!! love u miss u (Moderator: This message slightly edited.)


Date: 1999-12-17 11:32:55
Roxi ( / no homepage) wrote:

FRANX, BO, KITTY and FLOS it was sooo good to hear from u all!!! it made my day! THANX sooo much for calling!! i miss u all SOOOOO much, cant wait till u get back!! ill e-mail u all soon!! luv u all!!! luv Rox


Date: 1999-12-17 10:06:29
didi (no email / no homepage) wrote:

hi everyone!!! hope everything is well and im sure you are all having an amazing time!! Bee thank u soso much for the postcard im missing u like crazy!! hurry up and come up home!!! luv u all and miss u ...dan!


Date: 1999-12-17 09:50:36
Rikki :)) (no email / no homepage) wrote:

HEY PPL... hope your having an amazing time and will be lookin forward to see u when u get back.. rozkotch ... email me and tell me how u going MWAAAAAA.. spk to u all l8er.. Rikki


Date: 1999-12-17 08:07:12
Julia Tockar ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hey Carlziii, Hows IST? are you having heaps of fun?? I havnt spokent to you in ages!! :( CALL MORE!! I MISS YOU HEAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LV YA luv julzii


Date: 1999-12-17 07:47:50
cals (no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hey tine..... hope u having fun, misssing u heaps!!!!! Thanx so much for the so upset i keep missing them. Anyway...take care, enjoy urself and behave!!! spk to u sooooooooon!! love u lotsss love calzy!!


Date: 1999-12-17 06:52:38
Shnitz ( / no homepage) wrote:

hi guysss.... just writing to say i miss you and i luv you and things are so boring without you so please hurry up and come home!!!!! be good :P and take care... love always... Nixxy Shnitzzy


Date: 1999-12-17 02:47:12
chelsy ( / no homepage) wrote:

dear toskin hope u are having an amzing time cant wait to c u mwa luv chels


Date: 1999-12-17 02:48:02
jodes ( / no homepage) wrote:

Steve, Gav, Wanye, Brett and whoever I've missed out, hope u are all having an amazing time lots of love mwaaa love Jodi Conn

131 Date: 1999-12-17 00:29:03
Miriam Wulff ( / no homepage) wrote:

To Jordan Wulff, Love from mum and dad. Please call me at home tonight. We miss you. Mum

130 Date: 1999-12-16 13:23:58
Arthur ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hows it going minnnnnnnnnnnnn ? hope ist is cheese and it's better than done. Gomics and sheep forever. Ellie is beautiful. Gesh is crazy. Ari loves Aviva. du du duuuuuuuuu duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.... DONE!! love u all heaps the king

129 Date: 1999-12-16 05:50:33
rennie (no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hi guys!!!!!!!!!! hope you're having an amazing time ! I've been to the the airport 4 times this week! :)hehe. Bert, thanks soooo mcuh for the postcard! Sawry this is so short. But I'm going to fax you all VERRRRY soon :) Lotsa luv ( 2 days till the barmi & 12 till the wedding - better get my shopping done!lol) Lots & lots of luv ! Missing you heaps, Jes.

128 Date: 1999-12-16 05:40:13
calli ( / no homepage) wrote:

Gday all ISTers, hope you are all having an incredible time. We miss you lots, and are thinking of u always....take care of yourselves and come back soon love always calz :))

127 Date: 1999-12-16 05:30:17
Nixxxyy Shnitzzzzy ( / no homepage) wrote:

hey guysss.... Stoff and Floss thanx so much for the calls!!!!! it was so nice to hear from you guys again and floss.. happy to know what a good time ure having and soz im so hard to reach... ahahah :P!! Guys.. basically i dont have much more to say but i love and miss you guys soooooooo much its actually PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you d00dsss.. love Shnitz

126 Date: 1999-12-14 14:19:05
fella ( / no homepage) wrote:

Cands thanks for the call.. i think next time we have to organise a time so that u know when i will be home. Im getting annoyed coming home and just missing out on u calling. Anyway it was the thougth that counts. Bec thanku very much for the postcard... my neighbour thought i was very strange when i stood next to the letter box smiling.... Thanku so much and enjoy the rest of IST both of u and all the rest!!!

125 Date: 1999-12-14 12:33:11
CALZY ( / no homepage) wrote:

well i dont think u guys read these...but just incase......stofff, and floss thankuuu so muchhh for the callls!!!! It was amazing hearing from u guys...floss sorry i was so rude...ahaha, i didnt realise it was u! :)) well im missing u guys more than u can imagine....hope to hear from u all soon, keep well, love always calz

124 Date: 1999-12-14 10:42:05
JoJO (no email / no homepage) wrote:

whats your room numbers?

123 Date: 1999-12-14 10:38:18
JoJo ( / no homepage) wrote:

Stoffel... thanks for the call.. even tho i wasnt home:)

122 Date: 1999-12-14 09:25:04
abrew ( / no homepage) wrote:

sup fellas, just writting so u guys dont totally forget me even though i doubt neone is reading this. hope u guys r havin a great time in israel..... c u all soon love abrew !!!!!!!!!! xxxoooxxx

121 Date: 1999-12-13 04:09:07
Shnitz ( / no homepage) wrote:

Juss...Talz and Sammy... thanx so much for the call girls.... it was so nice to speak to you guys... i couldnt belive how happy you all sounded... Talzii hope you feel better soon bubz... i miss you girls so much... Cands,Kitty,Nix,Bo hope you girls are still having such a kewl time... Bo and Nix havent heard from you but im sure you are having a kewl time... mazel floss ahahahah :P K well girls... dont be toooo naughty.... nuthing i wouldnt do i tell you..... :)))) ciao guys.... mwaaaaaaaaaaa.... keep in touch d00ddsss i miss you allll soo much!!!


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