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Date: 2000-01-02 06:59:37
Shnitzz ( / no homepage) wrote:

Cands, Kitty, Franx, Juss, Sam, Talz, Bo, Stoff, Brett, Greg, Dillz, Baskin, Langaz, Rossy, Benni, Ash, Gav, Altzz, Jambo ...... I am missing you guys so much and I CANT WAIT TO SEE EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU!!! Enjoy the rest guys but please keep in contact cause I love hearing from you guys!!! Mwa... Wuv Wu All... Missing You... Shnitz xox


Date: 2000-01-02 06:41:16
yishai ( / no homepage) wrote:

Eliraz + Keren + all the rest of the madrichim who I don't know, How's life dudes? I hope you're having a good time with the little Aussies. Don't get angry at them too much although you were probably on the verge of killing a few along the way:) I'm still in Oz, flying to Thailand tommorrow!! I'm looking at the photos and I'm so jealous of you, I hope you're having a great time!!! Take care! Love, Yishai P.S To all you ISTers, don't bug your mads, they're working very hard!! When you're busy hiding your alcohol during the night, or leaving messages behind the paintings in Riech, they're actually thinking about how to make life nicer for you guys! Have fun and ebjoy the holy land!


Date: 2000-01-01 12:33:24
Nixxx Shnitzzz ( / no homepage) wrote:

HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!!!! I hope you all had the most amazing time... please inform... we had a pretty kewl time here!!! Guys i miss you all like crazy and i cannot wait till the 20th, only 2 + 3/4 weeks!!!! AYAYAYYA.. flossy thanx for the call bubz!! Guys enjoy the rest and i'll see you soon.... mwaaaaa... i love you all and miss you tonsssssssss!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Hurry homeee xoxoxox love always... Shnitz!


Date: 2000-01-01 10:28:14
Roxy ( / no homepage) wrote:

hey guys..... hope u had an UNREAL new yrs....cant wait to hear the news!! ours was pretty awesome! cands...thanx for the call!! galz...i miss u all, only 3 1/2 weeks to go!! CANT WAIT TO SEE U! all my love....Rox:)


Date: 2000-01-01 10:14:52
JQ ( / no homepage) wrote:

heya guys......happy new year.....hope u had a brillz time ( thanx soo much 4 the call coops, and thanx 4 the postcard kath it was unreal hearing from u) well guys 5 days till i see you and im leaving tomoz cant wait luv ya all lots lots of luv carlz


Date: 2000-01-01 10:05:57
CALZY (no email / no homepage) wrote:

HEY GALZ N GUYS.... HAPPPY NEWWWWWWW YEAR!!!!!!!! I hope u had the most incredible new yrs eve together....It was pretty good heere! plz write and tell me how gadna was (haha juss and love to hear...) Brettles, langaz and Altzz thanku so much for the postcards...i was so excited to get them!!! Well guys....20 days to go...ENjoy it to the absolute maxxx....I cant wait to see u all!!! Im missing u like crazy.....take care and have fun!! lovee calllllzieeee (floss and stoff thanx for the happy new yrs call...sorry i missed it!! )


Date: 2000-01-01 08:21:03
Andy ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hey Danny! Happy new year. New Year's Eve was excellent. I hope yours was just as good. Enjoy the rest of IST. Mikey says hello.CYA soon.


Date: 2000-01-01 08:08:13
Nikki Peipert ( / no homepage) wrote:

hey all, i hope your having an amazing time, i had an absolutely awesome new years eve and im sorry u guyz missed it, but im sure u enjoyed ure new years anyway!!! ill keep sending more faxes, and fill u in on more detail. happy new year 2 u all and ill c u all really soon, i hope, love nikki:) ps. ilz, sarah michelle gellar was in darling harbour on new years eve:)) call me!!!


Date: 1999-12-31 00:15:04
JAZ & Abrew ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hello ppl, just want to wish u all a happy new year and we miss u heaps and phone us (andrew)


Date: 1999-12-30 13:48:35
shaun ( / no homepage) wrote:

wasssup guys and galz just a note to tell u i'm still alive and a special note to tell all the nosey people that the thing about the shower is absolutly true {if its going around that we showered naaked} and jo if you read this i luv you and miss you even though i will se u tomoz night for NEW YEARSSSSSS!!!!!!! well see u all sooon in the NEW YEAR bi

176 Date: 1999-12-30 10:52:52
steph (no email / no homepage) wrote:

keks, nirta, sausage, trax and ann...i still miss u guys like crazy.:( NYE TOMOZ NITE SHOOD BE AWESUM !!!! i hope u guys hav an amazing nye.. off to your future homeland...dont woz i wont 4get to bring u bak some big red :) i guess next time i spk 2 will be bak home !! yayay luvv u sooo muchh STEFF

175 Date: 1999-12-30 01:07:23
JAZ ( / no homepage) wrote:

1 DAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

174 Date: 1999-12-29 12:31:49
Rox ( / no homepage) wrote:

hey guys n galzzz!! hope u enjoyed gadna, havn't heard any bad reports so u must have all survived!!:) enjoy the kibbuts! Sam thanx for the postcard... i miss u alll soooooo much...and cant wait to see u in the yr 2000!! HAPPY NEW YEARS GUYS!! MAKE THE BEST OF IT! luv u all....take care, luv Rox

173 Date: 1999-12-29 09:17:15
Shnitzzerrr ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hey guyss!!! how are you all... hope bynow u recovered from Gadna... anyways guys... have no news but just writing to say i love you all and i miss you all and Stoff thanx for the call and Sammy thanx for the postcardd!!! Imiss you guys so much... Happy New Year.. enjoy it guys.. Love as always Shnitz!

172 Date: 1999-12-29 08:13:43
JoJo (no email / no homepage) wrote:

hey guys n galz how are you? well by he time u read this gadnah n the kibbutz will be finished.. so i hope u has a ncie time:) Bo thanks for your call.. JUST A QUICK NOTE... yes.. shower is true.... but not AT ALL what u thik..ppl tend to exaggerate! hahahaha kimbo explain:) i love u all love jojo

171 Date: 1999-12-29 07:41:06
calli farber (no email / no homepage) wrote:

HEY GALS N GUYS.... Hope u had heaps of fun on Gadna...(gals when i picture u, I laugh!) Welll i hope you all have a happy new yrs in the chasidic village/kibbutz...we'll b thinking of u!!!! miss and love u lots~!!! love Calz :))

170 Date: 1999-12-29 04:53:15
ren (no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hi peeps! I know this is VERY late, but a belated Happy Birthday for Katib, Laz, Cas, Kekella ( Hope |I haven't missed anyone!) Sawry - I've been soooo busy with preparations & people coming and going! The Barmi & wedding were amazing - so sad they're over. Anywayz, I hope you're having fun at gudna!;) Miss u all soooo much and thanks, for the phone call's and postcards :) e-MAILS COMING SOON. Luv, Jes.

169 Date: 1999-12-29 02:43:10
JAZ ( / no homepage) wrote:

2 DAYS TILL NYRSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

168 Date: 1999-12-28 09:19:21
JoJo ( / no homepage) wrote:

Juss, Dillz, Candz, Kitty thanks for the e-mails. was so nice hearign from you. Cands,Talzi Kitty, Jonny AND KIMBO! thanks so much for your calls, even tho i never got to speak to you, knowing that you called was amazing! HAPPY NEW YEARS i love you all so much love jojo

167 Date: 1999-12-28 07:27:06
NiXxxY ShniTzZZy ( / no homepage) wrote:

hii guyss... dillz,cands,kit,tal,sam,jus,wayne thans so much for the emails... it was unbelievable hearing it all :)) Things here are going okay and we all seem to be geting along pretty well once again... guys... I know I probs wont speak to you so I just wanna say I hope you enjoyed Gadna and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!! I love you all and I miss you tonnzz... please come backkk alreadddyyy... mwa guys... love you all love nix!!!

166 Date: 1999-12-28 06:17:48
keren ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hey hinenites! (Kath, Caryn, Carla, Rachel, Coops, Lell, Lewko, Hedges, Solomon, Jacobs, Savana and Cygal) I just got back from Hineni camp and the memories are indescribable. It was a brilliant camp but i'll tell you more about that later. Love Keren.

164 Date: 1999-12-27 23:41:56
JAZ ( / no homepage) wrote:

3 days to go till NYRS!!!!!!

163 Date: 1999-12-27 20:38:33
Mr B ( / no homepage) wrote:

hello from England!Hope you liked the army! From Eliza & Mr B

162 Date: 1999-12-27 06:27:07
Jarryd Rubinstein ( / no homepage) wrote:

Hey Mrs Apfelbaum, hope you are enjoying yourself on IST. I'm missing you heaps - Sydney just isnt the same without you :( Cu Next yr!

161 Date: 1999-12-27 04:35:56
JUzZ&SteFfZ (no email / no homepage) wrote:

HEY PPLZ!!! watsup!!!!!!!..w.ell atm you are all prob getting down and dirty in gudna...:) but just a quick note to EVERY1 just to say we STILL MISS U HEAPS..AND cant wait till u guyz get bak!!.. sydnet is just 2 quiet without u !!!..2NITE we are going to BYBLOS ..a dance party:)so it should be good!!! new yrs is pretty soon.also hopefully it will be good!but we will be thinking of u guyz when you are having shabbat:)mind u ..heaps of will be going to Shul 2....;) umm neways SKERI HAPPY BDAY 4 YESTERDAY!!!!u will get a nice big prezz fom us wen u get bak baby :) to the rest of u hope u having the most AMAZING time eva! luv u all and miss ya stax luv ,hugs and kisses..JUS POGS AND STEFF

160 Date: 1999-12-26 12:33:15
Rox , Jo, Viv (no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hey guys.... cands, dillz, kitty, sam, talz, and wayne ...thanx for the e-mails guys, it was so nice to hear from u all! we are happy to hear u r having the most amazing time, we miss u all like crazy!! Sydney , has been better than we expected, we have started off what seems to be potentially good friendships with a new crowd, Jo and Shaun r going strong, they r soo kewt together...(jo's blushing!!) we just been having lots of fun! anywayss we miss u all, have an unreal new years and just hurry back already!! TAKE CARE, KEEP WELL, WE LUV U, LUV ROX, JO AND VIV



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