Random Access [19990924]

Eyes bruised black and blue,
Stitches across the forehead--
That is not my face.

In the stream that flows
Slowly down towards the lake,
I scatter ashes.

A hot summer day:
Within the cool stone chapel,
I promise always.

The veins in your throat
Flutter as your eyelids move.
Of what do you dream?

Grey skin, wet and smooth.
An eye, bright and unafraid:
A cetacean smile.

I wait in the room
For the nurse to wheel you out.
I can barely breathe.

Water almost green.
Sand like powdered ivory.
Sun-warmed wind on skin.

Blue one day, or green;
Grey with flecks of rainbow hues--
Your eyes amaze me.

Behind the new door:
Bright and clean, spacious and warm.
We have found our home.

An ocean of mist,
Concealing valleys below:
Waves crash on the hills.

The wind howls outside,
Snow piles up to the windows.
You glow in firelight.