Anson County Churches

I've listed the churches below with their date of formation when it could be determined. If the church has any kind of historical publication in existence that I know of, I have listed the name of the publication. If you have any copies of church records or know of any that I haven't listed, I welcome any information. .

All Souls Episcopal Church in Ansonville 1879-
  History of All Souls by Glenn Martin.
  All Souls Episcopal Church, A Brief History by Lou Overton.

Ansonville Baptist Church in Ansonville 1886-

Ansonville United Methodist Church 1857-
  The Ansonville Methodist Church and Charge in Review 1853-1965 by The Reverend John A. Petty, Minister.

Bethel United Methodist Church in Bethel 1837-

Brown Creek Baptist Church in Brown Creek community 1828-
   A History of Brown Creek Baptist Church 1828-1967 by Miss Rachel Flake.

Calvary Episcopal Church in Wadesboro 1820-

Camden Presbyterian Church south of Wadesboro 1904-
  Anniversary Booklet by the Rev. J.P.H. McNatt.

Cathedral Baptist Church in Lilesville 1976-

Cedar Hill United Methodist Church north of Ansonville 1886-
  Centennial Celebration Paper.

Centenary Campground/Church Methodist Episcopal Church South in Cairo 1820-

Concord United Methodist Church 1805-
  1955 dedication bulletin

Deep Creek Baptist Church south of Wadesboro 1778-
  1978 Bi-Centennial Service booklet.

Deep Springs Baptist Church 1862-
  Deep Springs Baptist Church 1862-1976
  Deep Springs Baptist Church Pictorial Directory, 1994

Deese's Chapel Primitive Baptist Church in Wadesboro 1926-

East Rock Ford Missionary Baptist Church by White Store 1896-

Elizabeth Baptist Church in Lilesville late 1800's-

First Baptist Church on Lee Ave. Wadesboro 1849-
  From Seven to Seventyfold by Mary Les Allen Huntley.

First Baptist Church on Sikes Ave. Wadesboro 1886-

First Presbyterian Church of Wadesboro 1873-

First United Methodist Church of Wadesboro 1790-
  Church History 1790-1990

Forestville United Methodist Church 1882-

Fountain Hill United Methodist Church northwest Anson 1813-

Gum Springs Baptist Church in Lilesville 1834-
  Sesquicentennial program

Hanna Chapel Methodist Church outside Wadesboro 1895-

Harmony Community Church 1899-

Harris Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church near Morven 1865-

Hawley Memorial Presbyterian Church 1883-
  Church History of Hawley Memorial Presbyterian Church

Henry Grove Baptist Church 1869-

Hopewell United Methodist Church between Peachland and Ansonville 1807-
  A History of Hopewell United Methodist Church
  Cemetery Survey

Jerusalem Primitive Baptist Church between Burnsville and Olive Branch 1833-

Lawyer's Spring Primitive Baptist Church in Peachland 1821-

Lilesville Baptist Church 1777-

Lilesville Presbyterian Church 1901-1927

Lilesville United Methodist Church 1876-

Long Pine United Methodist Church 1785-

Morven United Methodist Church 1883-

Mount Beulah Baptist Church in Wadesboro 1881-

Mt. Carmel Baptist Church south of Peachland 1942-

Mt. Olive Baptist Church in White Store 1833-
  Recorded church minutes 1879-
  Brief History of Mt. Olive Baptist Church 1851 by Miss Thelma Rivers

Mount Vernon United Methodist Church 1846-

New Home Baptist Church

New Hope United Methodist Church south of Wadesboro 1887-

North Wadesboro Baptist Church 1926-

Oakdale Baptist Church NW of Polkton 1931-
  Oakdale History Papers

Olivet United Methodist Church N of Lilesville 1843-

Parson's Grove Missionary Baptist Church S of Lilesville 1870-

Peachland Baptist Church 1890-

Peachland United Methodist Church 1908-

Pleasant Grove Baptist Church NW of Wadesboro 1840-

Polkton Baptist Church

Rocky River Baptist Church
  History Of The Rocky River Baptist Church

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