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A selection of helpfull hints and tips. Just click on the links below the article description


R1100RS Custom Windshield Project

Always looking for the perfect windshield I decided to try fabricating one myself.  This size and design works very well in the colder months. I reinstall the factory screen in the summer. Simply click on the link below for a pictorial "How To".  Click on each picture in the photo album for a caption.

Windshield Fabrication Pictorial

Installing a Bicycle Trip Computer

I love to know how fast I went, what my average speed was and how long I spent in the saddle. With a simple $25 bicycle computer from    Branford Bike   you can have all this information and more! Plus you get an honest speedometer and a US clock.........Best deal in town. Click on the link below for a play by play pictorial. Click on each picture in the photo album for a " How To"  caption. If you are looking for something a bit more elaborate than this simple bicycle computer, check out the IMO Rally Computers at   Touratech USA  . Fantastic products and a lot of fun to use.


A Honda VFR Muffler on a BMW R1100RS

This little conversion has created quite a stir over on the BMW news lists. I bought a Two Brothers exhaust system with a carbon fiber can for the RS but it was just too loud. If I want loud I have a Buell! I had a nearly new muffler from my 1998 Honda VFR hanging around so I used the Two Brothers connector pipe and modified the VFR muffler to fit. If you are relatively handy, this project is a winner! Removes all the heat from under the transmission, allows you to run without the Cat Code plug which completely cures the surging issues with the oilheads and the bike sounds great! The bike can be returned to factory in an hour since no modifications are done to the existing exhaust system or to the bike.  Recently I found out that Two Brothers will sell you the connector pipe in stainless steel with the O2 sensor hole for $129.98.  You can buy the VFR mufflers by searching around the internet for VFR news groups. Most everyone that buys a Honda VFR removed the stock exhaust system right away. I've been buying nearly new VFR mufflers for $50-100 depending on age. You need to look for a muffler from 1998-2001 VFRs. Click on the link below for a step by step pictorial. Once you get to the photo album, click on each picture for a  "How To" caption.




We Are Now The New England Dealer For
motorcycle Lifts

Click Here
Link to Lift-Buddy web site

These lifts sell for $459 plus shipping. Shipping to a single residence in New England from Texas will cost in the neighborhood of $200 for a delivered price of  $659. These units weigh roughly 400 pounds in shipping form.  You can now drive a little and save a lot. We have them in stock for your pick-up at a special internet price of $559.  The units are located at my son's business, ACE Woodworking, in Swansea Massachusetts. Just over the Rhode Island line in Southeastern Massachusetts. Contact me if you are interested in getting off your knees when you are servicing your bike.


Weight: 300 pounds (136 kg)
27 wide x 86 long x 6 high
Small front vise and 23" Drive-on ramp are standard equipment
Lifts maximum of 1100 pounds (500 kg) to 29.5 high
4 wheels (2 castering steel wheels and 2 fixed steel wheels)
Wing-nut screws contact floor and hold unit in place while loading/unloading
The removable panel (shown removed) allows for easy tire changing and rear wheel maintenance.
The tire vise shown in the photos is provided as standard equipment and designed for bikes using centerstands. The tire clamping vise is designed to grip the front tire to keep the bike from being pushed forward and collapsing the centerstand. The standard front tire vise is not designed to hold a motorcycle in an upright position without using the motorcycle's sidestand/centerstand
For larger bikes (more than 500 lbs.) it is recommended that the optional equipment Pro-Vise be purchased. The Pro-Vise is similar to those used in motorcycle shops. It allows the motorcycle to be held in an upright position without the use of a centerstand or sidestand. The rider sets the approximate width of the front tire on the pro-vise, drives onto the lift and dismounts the bike. The rider then moves to the clamping device handle, located at the front left side of the lift, and tightens the Pro-Vise securely to hold the bike in an upright position without use of sidestand or centerstand.

Do I need to buy the Pro Vise for my bike? How do I know?
The Pro Vise is highly recommended if you have a large bike because many large bikes have a sidestand (aka "kickstand") that juts way out to the left side and would miss hitting the lift platform. Try this, in your garage lay out a masking tape box that is 27" wide and tape a line down the centerline at 13 1/2". Drive your bike onto this square so that the left edge of your tire passes just to the right of the centerline piece of tape (just like you would normally do to get the sidestand to hit on the platform). Put the sidestand down and see if it stays inside the square. If it does, you do not need the Pro Vise.
I have a centerstand on my bike, do I need a Pro Vise?
Draw a square as discussed above. Now, try to put the centerstand down without putting your foot over the tape edge. If you can do that, you can use you centerstand on the lift. If not, you need the Pro Vise.
Will I need to buy an "extension" for Lift-Buddy to fit my bike on the platform?
No, the lift is 87" long and will fit a Goldwing, which is the longest wheelbase we know of, presently. In fact, there is no extension available or envisioned at this time.
What is the "flat" height of the lift without any tire vise? Can I store it under my car?
It is 6" tall without the vise.
How much control do I have over how slowly the lift buddy goes down when I am done working with it?
The rate of lowering is fully controllable by the operator. By turning a relief valve lever, located near the pump pedal, the operator can lower the lift as rapidly as desired. To lower more slowly (highly recommended) simply turn the relief valve lever a small amount and when the lift begins to lower, gently release the lever. The system will now bleed down slowly over a period of 2 to 3 minutes, while you put your tools away, until reaching the fully compressed stage.
Can the Hydraulic Pump Pedal be folded?
Yes. It folds down and out of the way once it has been used, or, for storage.

Hope this helps with some of your questions. If you need more info, visit the Lift-Buddy site or email me at RVB100@attbi.com


      I needed a new trailer to haul around motorcycles and the occasional machine tool I find a good deal on. My last trailer was a
 landscape type trailer with a long swing down loading ramp. As you can see in the pictures, this trailer is more complicated but is extremely easy to load heavy items. In operation, you simply release the winch and the whole floor of the trailer drops flat to the ground. Anything you want to load is simply rolled into the bed, tied down and the winch is cranked and the load comes back up to the normal trailer height. I built this trailer with box tube and Rubber Torsion suspension. Although I built this trailer from scratch in the shop, you can purchase a version of this trailer from C.G. Manufacturing Inc (1-800-527-2569) http://www.mctrailers.net/EasyHauler.ivnu
        This is the trailer in the loaded mode           As you turn the winch, the front starts to  And here the trailer is in the completely                                                                                                                                          
                                                                                                           fall to the ground                                                 opened condition

As you can see, a nice flat load area!

This is the Easy Hauler Trailer