I currently own half a dozen motorcycles. A BMWK1200RS,  a Moto Guzzi V-11 Sport "Rosso Mandello", a Moto Guzzi California Jackal, A Honda NX650 and a Buell M2 Cyclone.
 They are all superb motorcycles but different in their own way.

 For long distance riding over all types of road surfaces in any weather, the BMW with its ABS brakes and fantastic suspension is very hard to beat.

The fact that BMW motorcycles are incredibly reliable is an added factor when you're far from home.

The Honda NX 650 is the latest addition to the stable. This is a vintage 1988 Dual Sport. Only imported into the USE for two years (1988-1989) A rare bike here, but still sold in great numbers in Europe, Africa and Australia Everyone needs to own at least one dual sport. Might as well be something different!
  When the dirt calls, ya gotta answer it!

The Moto Guzzis are pure Italian road machines. The V-11 Sport Rosso Mandello is one of only 30 in this country.
 Worldwide the production run was limited to 300 bikes. This one is number 89. Just a great sport bike. Tons of torque, great handling and fantastic Italian styling. The Moto Guzzi California Jackal is a cruiser.
 I wanted a cruiser for , well, just cruising! I thought about Harley or Honda/Yamaha, but I wanted something different. The Jackal has performance, looks, reliability, sound and soul!  Fuel injection, shaft drive and all for around $7000

The Buell M2 Cyclone is like an overactive 10 year old!

 A mini -bike on steroids!  I've never owned a bike that was so much shear fun to drive. (Well, maybe my 1970s vintage CB-400-4 Super Sport)
The handling, because of the short wheelbase and extremely low center of gravity is fantastic. It just loves to be whipped into the corners!  The 1200cc Harley Davidson motor has incredible torque and power. Coupled to a relatively light weight bike and you have the makings of  a great around town "stop light" racer.

MZ Baghira Black Panther
 German engineering with Japanese reliability. the bikes are made in the fatherland using the best of components with a motor and transmission sourced from Yamaha. This is just a super "Super Motard"! Wish it had a bigger gas tank (available aftermarket) other than that, It's smooth, fast and handles great. Watch that front brake! It will stop on a dime and give you nine cents change...

And the Ducati 996?

Well, if you have to ask, in a word...
This is my sons bike. Great bike for about a half hour. Then the seat gets up to about 150 degrees if you're not moving, your back begins to ach if you're over 47, and your neck feels like you have been involved in a diving accident! But what looks! Pure art on wheels.