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When I say Kamal Haasan, the first thing that comes to mind is his abundant talent and acting prowess. Undoubtedly one of India's top actors (and when I say top actors I refer to the acting !). Actor par comparison, well trained classical dancer, ex dance director, moderately good singer (in fact quite good for one who isn't exactly a trained singer !), successful producer ... and when Marudhanayagam appears on the big screen ... a successful director. These are the images that appear to mind. Of course not to mention his immense popularity with the junta ... especially those who admire true acting. The phases of Kamal's acting life can be broadly categorised into 3 First as a child actor, then the period in the late-70's early-80's when he was at his peak as the superstar of Tamil cinema along with Rajnikanth and finally the period towards the late-80's and present times when he is doing more serious roles, character oriented, those which do justice to his immense talents.

So lets embark on a journey ... a journey inspired by one of India's best actors, Kamal Haasan. First, lets learn a bit about Kamal and about the progress of his acting career

Then, take a look at a Pictorial essay of Kamal

Now that you've met Kamal, why not have a look at the movies that he's done ever since he appeared in 1960 in "Kalatthur Kannamma" ?

So here is the list of Kamal Haasan movies

Kamal is also a decently good singer

I found this on the Cineblitz page, its a prank Kamal played ... got connection to Avvai Shanmugi !

About Marudanayagam, the latest venture of RajKamal films International

Chachi 420 is doing roaring business. Find out about it.

Here's a review of Chachi 420 from The Hindu

Screen magazine has an interview with Kamal

Screen's article on Kamal's newest profession - writing

Articles on Kamal/Kamal films

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Chikni Chachi in Rediff Chikni Chachi in Indian Express Chikni Chachi from The Hindu Kamal Interview

RaajKamal films has put up Kamal's personal webpage

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