Kishore Kumar, a voice which entralled, enthralls and will continue to enthrall millions. There was a spark in his voice which somehow seemed lacking in the likes of Rafi/Mukesh/Manna Dey etc. When you listened to him sing, you became one with him. You began to hum the tune the same way as how he'd have enjoyed singing it. There was a zest in his voice which will be unmatched forever.

You could imagine Kishore's antics while singing the song, be it as a background singer or while enacting it. There was something about the manner in which he enjoyed every song of his and this enjoyment was very apparent in the songs. But on the other hand, he could beautifully and effortlessly render a sad song, conveying all the pathos associated with it. Contrast something like "Ina Mina Dika" and "Badi Sooni Sooni Hai" !
And all this from someone who came to Bombay to make his mark as an actor because his elder brother Ashok was doing well. Indeed he is a legend, for how often do you get someone in Indian cinema who is a true allrounder. Actor, singer, lyricist, music director, director, producer etc., all rolled into one dynamo called Kishore Kumar Ganguly

Since the time I got hooked onto Kishore songs, which was really not very long ago (6 or 7 years ago), I've collected many of his greatest hits, solos, duets and multiple singer songs too ! Beginning from songs in his first film, "Ziddi" to songs in films like "Mr. India" until his death, 254 songs in all, at last count, in alphabetical order.
Here's the list of Kishore Kumar songs in my collection.

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