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Welcome to Mayajaal - The Indian Movie and Music page
Mayajaal is rated by 123India amongst its top 10 websites and ranks very high on its list of Bollywood websites.

Mayajaal can be called the NET version of 2 weekly TV programs which I grew up seeing ... Chitrahaar and Oliyum Olliyum !

In Mayajaal, you'll find a plethora of information as well as lots of things for time pass ... ideal for the NET_Fatang ...

Mayajaal was created by the fatang named Jagadish Alright, here are some long-overdue mugshots of me and my friends.

What can you find on Mayajaal ?

Mayajaal is about Indian Movies and Music. So in Mayajaal you can meet your favourite actors/actresses/directors/singers/cricketeers etc. Apart from that there are many links to pages on India, newsgroups where issues are thrashed out concerning India etc.
The following are the various sections you can find on Mayajaal
Movies Music India Cricket Misc pages

If you have any comments/queries/brickbats,bouquets etc. abt Mayajaal,

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