Coffee Fever Or Is That Fervor

I find myself wanting coffee with a passion usually reserved for other activities. It can't just be the caffeine. I am an iced tea junkie and trust me I rack up the caffeine with my tea. Nay, I need coffee in a way that can only be described as intense.

Coffee satisfies a need that cannot be described in mere words, there is the joy of preparation, the aroma as my coffee is steeping, the pleasure of pushing the plunger of my french press pot and then the pouring of the coffee in my cup. As soon as my cup is filled I find myself enjoying the scent wafting forth as I bring the mug to my lips for a taste of this exotic elixir. After the first unadulterated sip I may add my customary splash of evaporated milk and then go sit with my cup as I work on my computer and enjoy the cuppa that I have fresh brewed while engaging in my professional activities. Everything is better with my coffee in hand. I am at peace working, drinking and enjoying. As I drink my coffee I enjoy the multitude of flavors that mingle on my tongue driving me to take another drink until my cup is empty.

For a little while I let my cup sit empty but it beckons me to fill it again so I go rinse out my french press, savoring the scent of the used grounds knowing that my next brewed cup will again tease my taste buds with the variety of flavors that dance through each cup of coffee that I drink. I brew another cup savoring the process and again sip the nectar of the bean and enjoy another blissful cup of coffee.

Ah yes, life is good.


The First Morning Cup of Coffee

I am not a coffee snob but I do enjoy a tasty well brewed cup of coffee yet I must admit that that first morning cup, the one that sears my tongue and jolts me to a heightened state of awareness, can be swill if need be just to get me awake and functioning. Now I am not talking about microwaving a cup of coffee left over from the day before or heaven forbid instant, but it can be too strong and I will still drink it down to get some sense of being awake and functioning. After that first cup my taste buds get some consideration as does my sense of aesthetics. This is one reason I am glad I have a french press pot. If the first cup of coffee is "rough" I can make amends with the next cup of coffee.

My morning routine is so very set, get up, attend to bodily functions, turn on water for coffee, brush teeth, get french press pot ready to work its magic and then make that cup of coffee. After the blessed cup is brewed I drink it and feel a certain level of humanity seeping into my being, before the coffee there is this zombie like creature wandering through my house attending to the basic necessities of life.

Coffee is a wonderful gift from the Universe. It makes life more pleasant, brings us to wakefulness and helps us to move from the state of sleep to an awakened situation so that we can function through the day and get done the work and pleasure that make up our life. This is all made possible by that first morning cup of brew that gets us motivated to move on through life with a gleam in our eye.

It doesn't get much better than this.


Ah Yes, Coffee!

For a libation allegedly discovered by a goat, coffee has a long and varied history. It has been revered and banned. Coffee is made very strong in some countries, espresso being very popular in much of Europe although the French are fond of Cafe Au Lait (half hot coffee, half hot milk), a particular favorite of mine.

There are creamy and spicy additions to coffee around the world, then there are the iced coffee drinks, the mochas and the lattes that have found favor in cafes world wide and in the United States. It seems that there is a coffee brew or mix to satisfy almost any palate.

Yet, there are those who do not drink coffee, I wonder at how they muddle through without a daily java to add a little extra punch to their lives and taste buds. It is a mystery to me.

I know that there are those who prefer to get their caffeine through tea, soda and energy drinks. There are also those who do not imbibe in caffeine at all but I truly cannot fathom those who miss the joy of coffee brightening their day and bringing extra oomph to their being.

As I sit here with my french pressed cup of Mocha Java I enjoy the kick that coffee brings me both through the taste and mouth feel as well as the caffeine coursing though my veins. Welcome coffee, my being is saying, welcome indeed. This is the nectar of the gods and I am glad to have my cuppa to enjoy on this beautiful day.

Ah yes, coffee indeed!