Welcome to the Ticon Yachts web pages. This web site is in no way connected to Ticon Yachts, Ltd., Chrysler Corporation or Texas Marine Industries. See the Copyright notice below. This archive is a work in progress dedicated to the owners of Ticon 30 (TMI-30 and the Chrysler CY-30) Sailboats. As it turned out, interest in the Ticon 27 also warranted its inclusion in the Owner's Association. More information on the T-34 and T-44 will be added as time and historical resources allow.

          Our goal, is to provide a source of information and a forum for Ticon owners and prospective owners to communicate about positive experiences and common problems. I do not expect a lot of traffic on this web site due to the relatively small number of boats made. Some may not even seek this site until they experience a problem and need assistance with a repair or parts procurement. Others may want to check out the waters when considering the purchase of a used T-30 or other Ticon model. Ticon sailboats seem to be holding their value quite well. They still generate a lot of interest due to the positive reputation of the sailboat. It is important that we owners stay connected. Certainly resale values are enhanced for a sailboat that has the support of an owners association. The owners list (names & e-mail addresses) and On-Line Forum have been a valuable reference source for all of us. Please join the list! Thus far, connections made through the association have shown the members to be most helpful to each other. As the webmaster, I have received numerous communications from prospective Ticon owners who have appreciated the information contained herein.

          This Web Site and the materials contained herein belong to the Registered Members of the Owner's Association. Your participation and input would be greatly appreciated. Please e-mail me with information regarding the Ticon that you think would be helpful to boat owners. Anyone with contact information on parts suppliers and former management of the Ticon Yachts Ltd., please inform me. E-mail me with pictures, sailing stories, repair hints, parts info, web-links and anything else that applies to the topic at hand.

          On a personal note, my name is Robert Crawford. I have been a "rag-bagger" for over 30 years. The Brigadoon is my fourth sailboat, A T-30 that I bought new in 1985. I have been to many boat shows over the years and I have not found a 30 footer that I like more than the Ticon. Every time I pull into a marina, sailors approach me about the boat. As a "fresh water" sailor, my sailing experiences with the Brigadoon are confined to the Great Lakes area. Currently, her port of Call is Bayfield, Ontario, Canada in Southern Lake Huron.

On a technical note, this site is best viewed in 800 x 600 resolution in full-page mode. I have attempted to keep the html code simple enough to be viewed on a variety of browsers with a reasonable load speed for dial-up connections. Started in February 1999, the site went through a total html code revision in October 2000. The web pages are accessed through a URL forwarding service.. By doing this, we are provided with a shortened address name and also allows the option to re-locate the actual web server without changing the address. Please advise me of any broken links or technical suggestions that you might have.

          The Owner's Association is maintained with no fees or membership costs. Your support of banner advertisers (like Sail is most appreciated. If you order nautical merchandise from Sail Net by clicking through the banner on the web page, the association receives a small commission on your purchase. This will be used to help defer the cost of maintaining the web site. I myself have made purchases from Sail Net and found the prices very competitive and service excellent. From time to time, they provide me with a discount code number that I will share with Association members. Compare prices and purchase here to help out the Owners Association!

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