The Ticon Owners List


Owner Year Model Boat Name Port of Call Country
Jens Arndt 1881 Ticon-30 First Decision Toronto - Lk. Ontario Canada
John Bassett 1981 TMI-30 Timepeace II Killarney - Lk. Huron Canada
Harvey Blass 1984 Ticon-30 Rivy B Toronto - Lk. Ontario Canada
Walter E. Blum 1980 TMI-30 Pied A Mer Kings Point N.Y. USA
Russ Brown 1984 Ticon-30 Wind Warrior Meaford Ontario - Georgian Bay Lk. Huron Canada
Bob Charles 1983 Ticon-30 Medina II Penetanguishene - Georgan Bay Lk. Huron Canada
Bill Charles 1986 Ticon-30 "No Name" Penetanguishene - Georgan Bay Lk. Huron Canada
Garry Cornell Sr. 1984 Ticon-27 Gavia Columbus Ohio USA
Rumi DeRanieri 1981 TMI-30 Neptune's Neice Miami Florida USA
Patrick Enright 1983 Ticon-27 Sea-Ya Bay of Fundy - N.B. Canada Canada
Emilé Fiset 1986 Ticon-30 Just in Time Quebec Canada
Chas. Gabor 1982 Ticon-30 Wasabi Lake St. Clair - Michigan USA
Tom Gilgin 1985 Ticon-27 White Label Vancouver Canada
Joseph Guy 1986 Ticon-30 Off Call Toronto - Lake Ontario Canada
Gary Haggerty 1979 TMI-30 Pay No Attention II Norfolk VA USA
Brian Hurst 1983 Ticon-30 Windswept Belle River Ontario - Lake St. Clair Canada
Grant Irani 1980 TMI-30 Freelance Middle River - Chesapeake Bay USA
Steve Kindelan 1985 Ticon-30 Fantasea Alva Florida USA
J.R. Lavergne 1984 Ticon-27 Liberté I Quebec Canada
Lucien N. Martel 1984 Ticon-30 MER ET MONDE Montréal Canada
Joe Mills 1883 Ticon-30 Esprit Thunder Bay - Ontario Canada
Norris Palmer 1981 TMI-30 Sundance Grapevine Lk. - Texas USA
Colin Redwood 1986 Ticon-30 Sequoia Port Roberts - Washington USA
John Rimmer 1984 Ticon-30 Golden Dreams Erieau Yacht Club - Lake Erie Canada
Arnold Robart 1983 Ticon-30 Bux Fizz Wlarton Ontario Canada
Jerry Scott 1980 CY-30 Tango Deale, MD USA
Steve Sjogren 1985 Ticon-30 Veery St. Ignace MI - Lake Huron USA
Leonard C. Sjostrom 1984 Ticon-30 Serenity East Chesapeake Bay USA
John Smittle 1985 Ticon-34 Independence Cudjoe Key, Florida USA
Mark Snow 1985 Ticon-30 Revitalized Toronto - Lk. Ontario Canada
Cecil Stack 1985 Ticon-30 SeAna Deale MD USA
Jerry Tuwiner 1984 Ticon-30 Lois T South River - Chesapeake Bay USA
Gordon Weichler 1986 Ticon-34 Ghost Navada City USA
Teddy Wiles 1984 Ticon-30 Shanachie Baltimore MD USA
Gordon Wilkins 1985 Ticon-30 Hyacinth Ottawa Ontario Canada

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