ATHENS, Apr. 27 - A renowned Greek composer, Mikis Theodorakis, took center
stage in last night's highly successful concert in downtown Athens in
support of the Serbian people, denouncing NATO's raids against their country. 

Facing a cheering crowd, Mr. Theodorakis stated: 

"The leaders of the NATO member-states yesterday (Sunday) signed a death
sentence for the United Nations. The United States can now, with the
connivance of the European countries, judge, sentence and punish anyone
whom they view as objecting to their designs. I do not think it an
exaggeration to say that we are about to enter another Middle Age era. So,
get a hold of warm, wool clothing, mufflers, gloves, bitter cold lies ahead.

As I have stated since the start of the raids, all that is being said about
ethnic cleansing is merely pretext. I have said that they (NATO) don't care
about dialogue and agreements; their sole aim is to turn the heretic
Yugoslavia into scorched earth.  And they intend to do just that, transform
Serbia into a desert made up of dust and blood, displaying it to the next
victims, warning them 'look, this is what lies ahead if you don't succumb.' 

We, the Greeks, should be proud since we were the only ones who all
together and in unison said 'NO' to barbarity. We shall stand by the
victims, by the Serbs.  We want our singing today to overpower the air raid
sirens and the missile blasts. 'Belgrade, today we sing for you. We are on
your side. Be courageous, justice is on your side, and justice always
triumphs,' Theodorakis said to a thunderous cheers from his fans.

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