Kleanthis Grivas is a Greek psychiatrist and leading social activist.He is considered a prominent spokesman of the libertarian left in Greece and has written articles in the Greek press about minority rights, the media, drug policy etc. He was until his recent resignation, for reasons described below, a member of the board of directors of the Greek chapter of Greenpeace. This letter was first published in Greek newspaper "Eleftherotypia" in the beginning of May 1999, but it seems to me that it remains interesting.

"Neutrality" equals complicity

by Kleanthis Grivas, psychiatrist


I would like hereby to publicly dissociate my position and to announce that I resign from the Board of Directors of the Greek chapter of Greenpeace, because for 40 days it has failed to adopt an unequivocal position condemning, naming and finger-pointing the perpetrators of the gangster aggression against Yugoslavia by the "gang of 19", an aggression that began at March 24 and, under the pretext of the "prevention of a humanitarian disaster" (by the Milosevic regime), has provoked and is still provoking:

a) an immense human tragedy, that concerns both Serbs and Albanians,

b) an immeasurable ecological disaster that concerns the Balkans and the whole Europe, and

c) an (emergent) realignment of borders and of geopolitical equilibrium that concerns all Balkan countries, Greece naturally included.


Having lived in Belgrade during 20 of the 40 days that Yugoslavia is being bombed by the mutant humanoids of the "gang of 19" (Clinton, Blair, Cook, Schroeder, Fischer, Chirac, D' Alema, Simitis, Clark, Solana, Cohn-Bendit and the rest of the humanoid "Dollies" such as prime ministers, foreign ministers and "defence" ministers of the countries that participate in the big carnage), I am thoroughly convinced that, under the circumstances, neutrality equals complicity.


Acceptance of the pretext used by the "gang of 19" in Yugoslavia means joining the camp of the executioner. And it doesn't matter whether this is done out of ignorance about the material incentives and aspirations that invariably lie hidden behind any such "crusades", or out of naivety or self-interest.


As a thinking man, I know that the sole reason of the mobilization of the greatest military machine in the world was and still is the preservation and reproduction of an international framework that guarantees the criminal exploitation of the planet by the American Empire and allows USA, with 5% of the global population, to appropriate and to consume each year 50% of the global raw materials that are necessary for maintaining the actual way of life.


Greenpeace cannot deal solely with tomatoes, gherkins, turtles, seals and whales and limit herself to broad condemnations of ecological disasters without condemning the culprits precisely.



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