Rome, May 31 (Tanjug - abridged) - "Corriere della sera" daily publishes
on Monday an appeal of the eminent Italian intellectuals Dario Fo, Franca
Rame and Jacopo Fo demanding an urgent casting of veto on the use
of missiles with depleted uranium (DU) in the NATO aggression on

Numerous analyses by the experts from America as well as from the
entire world clearly stress that the depleted uranium is radioactive,
so the bombs carrying it are highly dangerous.

That was confirmed by the wide analyses in Iraq and Kuwait where,
after the Gulf War, tens of thousands people died, a great number of
babies were born defective, and hundreds of thousands persons got
sick, mostly from tumor, Italian intellectuals said.

The appeal continued saying that the American relief organizations
had gathered an enormous dossier considering the consequences
of the DU use, not only in Iraq but in Bosnia as well, where number of
the people suffering from leukemia has suddenly increased since the

So, launching of the radioactive material is a crime of war, an act
deserving to be considered in the international Court of law, Dario
Fo, Franca Rame and Jacopo Fo said.

"That's why nobody should pretend uninformed and Italy should
suggest casting of veto on the use of the chemical weapon, insisting
on the international investigation concerning that matter. We hope
D'Alema wishes not to be remembered only as a threat to the
authors of the genocide", they said.

"At the end, we would like to remind that the situation is serious,
since DU missiles represent a valuable business and provide the
possibility for the nuclear garbage to be transformed in an expensive
material", the appeal of the Italian intellectuals published in the Milan
daily "Corriere della sera" said.

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