Appeal of Rabbi Cadik Danon 
April 04, 1999

Belgrade, April 3 (Tanjug) - Rabbi Cadik Danon who has served in
Yugoslavia for several decades as chief rabbi has appealed to all
Jewish organizations and Jews around the world to help, as
much as they can, stop the destruction caused by NATO
bombs and the media lies against Serbia. 

"Today, for the third time in this century Serbs are the target of world
power brokers, and I have no right to turn a blind eye to the misfortune
that has struck all innocent Serbs and all the citizens of Yugoslavia
only because of their unwavering conviction that no-one has the right
to rule what is theirs and especially to take away their shrine Kosovo,
which as I have often pointed out represents their Jerusalem," Rabbi
Cadik Danon said. 

He reminded that Jews have for centuries had to atone and are still
atoning for some accusations never proved and that no-one as they
can understand as sincerely and deeply the state of total deprivation
of rights that the Serbian people is living in now. 

"We, the followers of Moses, who in search of a particle of human
justice and peace had found refuge in these territories, sharing for
centuries good and evil with the Serbian people, have had countless
occasions to convince ourselves in the warmth of their hospitality and
in their magnanimity," Cadik Danon said in his letter.
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