>I just spend another sleepless night.
>This one was worst then all last ten.
>Two nights ago NATO neofashist destroyed a beautiful old bridge over Danube
river at city of  Novi Sad,  just 80 km from Belgrade.
>Many buildings in that area are damaged, including some museums, schools,
and historical part - Perovaradin.
>They do not care for that - because they do not have history. They do not
know the value of that.
>People there cried, not because they were hurt, but because those maniacs
ripped a part of their history, of their beauty from their hearts, from
their eyes
>Last night- just a few hours ago, they attack again.
>We all were afraid that they will bomb the center of Belgrade, and that
>People were afraid that they will destroy our bridges,  in Belgrade. The
brave citizens of Belgrade did not went to shelters.They all stood on rain,
on bridge - protecting it with their bodies.
>But NATO bombs hit buildings just a few hundred meters from them.
>Those buildings are our police headquarters. It is truth. 
>But they are in Belgrade downtown, in residential area. People live there.
Brave people of Belgrade live there.
>And the most important - those buildings are just a few meters from our
hospital area !!!
>In the same time when they throw those bombs a few new babies was born.
>They spend their first night - the first night of their lives, together
with another babies born last days, in basement, on floors.
>Is that humanity they are talking about ?? Is that new world order they
want to make??!!
>They do not care about our history - because they do not have it, and they
do not know what is that. !!
>They do not care about our future - because they wont have it.
>We are not afraid of their superior technics.
>It can destroy our buildings, factories, bridges, but it can not destroy
our souls.
>CNN and the other Western media had their reports ready for this news !!??
>They new what will be attacked, and they made it ready for evening news. It
will definitely increase the number of people watching their stations. 
>Please tell me if they show hospital, and babies crying just 50 meters from
fire ?!?   
>For ten days we do nothing, but watch TV, listen alert sirens, and think
about our relatives, and friends around our country.
>Every time we hear that some town was bombed, we call them and ask if they
are still alive.
>Every day I read their newspaper, CNN, and hear their news.
>They only talk about humanitarian catastrophe of Albanian people.
>They produce so many lies that I never heard before. They produce so many
lies just to protect them in world eyes.
>We all know that soon or later the truth will be on top and visible.
>Please, I am not politician. I am just an ordinary man who ask you to open
your eyes, and not to believe to their lies.
>They are talking about hundreds thousands Albanian refugees to Macedonia,
Albania ... 
>But they say nothing about thousands refugees of Serbian and many other
nationalities ( including Albanians) coming every night to Belgrade and
other cities of Serbia.
>They say refugees are running away from Yugoslav army.
>The refugees coming to Belgrade say they are running from NATO bombs and
Albanian terrorist.
>Western media want to represent Serbian people as wild animals that should
be killed for the good of the future of new humane world.
>Do you know that we have almost 70.000 Albanian people living in Belgrade.
Nobody terrorize them, nobody kill them. They are  still  among us, running
their shops, and going to shelters together with the others.
>NATO say they want to stop humanitarian catastrophe.
>That catastrophe and those refugees just started when thy started to bomb
my country.
>The peaceful people of my city, and the other cities of my country are
going to daily concerts, singing and wearing sings - target on their heads,
and chests - showing NATO bombs where to hit.
>We are not afraid of their bombs because the truth is on our side.
>I am not writing this as propaganda, but because I am hurt, my soul is
hurt, and I really think so.
>For 10 years I have been talking about the mistakes, and the wrong moves of
our government. Their media say that our government is guilty for this. Maybe ?
>I personally think that NATO needs our government because they always need
bad guy somewhere in world to test their new weapons.
>It was Sadam before, now it is our country, and tomorrow...
>Do not let them make your country next !!
>Your friend and business partner
>Miroslav Grabez
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