PRILOG - E-MAILS: 1. Dear Robert, here is a text from ABCNEWS site called "TALES OF TERROR" from April 1st. It seems that it proves completely the informations about brutality over civilans and the necessity of their running away from Kosovo and Metohija, making a humanitarian catasrophy. Please read it carefully. I beleive it will make you feel shocked and disgusted, so you must (as a sensitive human being) feel also the growing aversion to the Serbs, even hatred. You can say only - They (Serbs) must be stopped by any means! (Some, more radical, would easily say - Wipe them (Serbs) out from the face of the Earth!)

But, we'll write you more, anyway... Svetlana and Zoran

2. Dear Robert, we would like you to read the same text again. Here is another version, not changed in its content, but some sentences are just printed bigger. We want you to concetrate on those parts of the text. So, TALES OF TEROR again. It made us feel disgusted, it turned our stomachs, too. But mostly because of the shamless lies that makes our people terrible without a chance to tell the real truth.

Let's start with - "leaving Kosovo’s capital, Pristina, like a ghost town." You should see Belgrade these days - it looks like a ghost town, too. It's the simple result of bombing. We saw Prishtina burning after several severe NATO bombings. A lot of bombs exploded in places where are the houses of ordinary people, mostly Albanians. Who wouldn't whish to run away from such hell? And yet, the most known Albanian political leader is in Prishtina, in his big house which remaind intact until now; and reporters from some French television filmed him there. (Those Albanian leaders who are the heads of KLA which is supposed to be fighting against the Serbs are in Albania or Germany or London. And it's them who give the most of the informations of what's going on in Kosovo at the moment.)

The next part of the text called SENSELES VOILENCE beggins with a story looking terrible indeed. The woman describes the brutal murder of her son. Please read it carefully. It seems that they all were inside and only her son went out. She doesn't say that she witnessed the event. And yet, after seen her son brutaly massacred she knows exactly that it was the Serbian soldier(s) who did that and even what the killer exactly did. Saying THEY, she probabbly means ALL SERBS. How many of them held one knife only? And then, imagine that slaughter for the moment - could it be really done as described. Even an excellant surgeon would have problems to make such a cut. (And yet, if this Jack-the-Ripper's slaughter was somehow done, does it prove all Serbs are like that. Should we say that most of the men in England were like Jack-the-Ripper?) Just a few words about the Army (so called Serb's in western media). It's the Yugoslav Army meaning all ethnic groups are in it at the moment. EVEN ALBANIANS! That means Hungarians, Croats, Slovaks, Jews, Macedonians, Bulgarians, Romanians (yes, all of them and some more are in the Army at the moment) are BRUTAL SERBS?!!! The age of soldiers is mostly between 18 and 22. Our son is 20 and most of our studets are of that age. They are as harmless as most of the young people of that age all over the Earth! Most of them just want to go home as soon as possible. But afer reading such a "testemony" no reader thinks anymore, the shock is to strong so everything else the reader takes for granted. After such words the reporter could write anything. It's the method well known in the theatre and the movies (which is our proffesion).

After words about "burning Prishtina" written to sugest Serbs did that too, you'll find another hard part. The reporter describes 3000 Albanians spending three days on the snowy, freezing mountain top. (Do you remeber the Turkish film called "THE HOPE ROAD"? I'm not certain of its English title, but it won Oscar for the best foreign film some ten years ago. It's exactly the same story, only no Serbs, but the misery chased the people in the film into the mountain.) And if you do read carefully you'll see neither the people speaking nor the reporter say the exact number. It was absolutely evident for the people who died there.

And some next "testemonies" you'll recognize as given by Albanian men who doesn't want to identify themselfs. Why? Most of those "terrible" stories says that they were running away from their homes. SO ARE WE, IN BELGRADE WHEN THE AIR RAID IS ON.

The funniest "testemony" is given by Baci (no name) student, 25. He says that some MASKED MAN came to chase them out and they parked their vehicle nearby - and it was THE TANK! As some civillians came by tank to that place. NOONE COULD HAVE THE TANK BUT THE ARMY! And Baci didn't say soldiers! Why?

And, of course - FINIS CORONAT OPUS. One, some Kosovar says he walked many miles and along his way he saw HUNDREDS OF DECAPITATED PEOPLE, as QUATED by somebody else. Not a mere fact about his source (the name or the place from which "the Kosovar" ran away), nor the mere fact about the things he saw (where, how many). But the reporter (aware of that inaccurateness) gives the full name, age and occupation of someone (the person who quotes) that reader must beleive.

So, the text starts with a shock and ends (knowing the reader is emotianal and not rational) with TOTALLY UNPROVED but bigger horror.

Sorry if this took too much of your time. But we live this and we witness that this kind of writing (of lies) helps KILLING PEOPLE (not only Serbs) by "humanitarian, peacemaking" bombs, and helps making Serbs "the worst scum on the Earth"!

We hope you're well. THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

Best whishes, kindly and friendly, Svetlana and Zoran Popovic

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