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Thursday April 8, 1999

US foreign policy can be defined as follows: 'Kiss my arse or I'll kick your head in.' Milosevic refused to kiss America's arse so Clinton is kicking in the head of the Serbian people (not Milosevic himself) with catastrophic consequences for the Kosovans. Nato's action is ill thought out, ill considered, misjudged, miscalculated, disastrous. It is also totally illegal and probably represents the last nail in the coffin of the UN. The justification for the action - 'humanitarian considerations' - is clearly a very bad joke. It also demonstrates a profound hypocrisy on the part of the US and UK. Sanctions on Iraq - led by those countries - have killed nearly one million Iraqi children. That's genocide for you - in no uncertain terms.

Milosevic is undoubtedly ruthless and savage. So is Clinton. Clinton continues the vicious Reagan/Bush tradition with no trouble at all. But he combines that tradition with a shy grin and a beguiling southern drawl. He can really be so sweet on television. Blair is the one who kisses Clinton's arse fervently and dreams that he is Mrs Thatcher. The level of intelligence employed in this whole enterprise is pathetic if not infantile. The US is now a highly dangerous force, totally out of control.

Harold Pinter

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