My dear brothers and sisters Serbs, dear friends
It is 20 minutes before 6PM, in 4:45PM there was another detonation and smoke cloud from the direction that we have seen explosions last night (Lipovica wood). Minut after that sirens were on. The same was tonight. I do my best in order not to be desturbed by the whole thing. Yesterday and today I tried to have "normal" trainings ("normal" means that I did all that I have planned). But it is hard to go to trainings now when one does not sleep during the night, or at the best has 5-6 hours of the sleep with interruptions. As far as the planes go, Americans are very nice with showing "our" downed planes above Bosnia which have signs in english and with Roman letters. It looks as if these planes are their "lost property".

As far as other downed enemy planes, I have heard today with my former student which escaped to Sombor (city in the nortwest of Serbia) and who confirmed a story about two downed planes a little bit south of her (the two ones above Fruska Gora mountain). The girl has seen with her own eys our rockets lounched and fireballs in the sky later on. She said that they were going away from our airspace (to Croatia), and that they have probably fell down in Croatia

As far as the two planes shot above Cacak, today news say that the pilots are captured. People say (rummors) that they are on the Military Medicine Hospital where doctors try to bring them back to life, since some villagers have managed to find them before the police.

Today there was bread in the stores for the first time on Vozdovac (neigbourhood in Belgrade where Alex lives).

As far as the attack last night, they have hit a depo of rocket fuel in Sremcica (southern suburb of Belgrae) which has exploded, as well as depo od che chemicals somewhere in Batajnica (at north of Belgrade). It looks as if Galenika was not struck hard. Chemical alert was on, some poisoned gas lighter than air has been released (NH3?), but everything went well and there were no dead people. Wood stopped burning this morning

One more night is coming in Belgrade. I am afraid, but I am very happy to be here now. I think that you all (who are far away) feel worse.


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