Alternative information links about the NATO war and Kosovo

Still under construction, I am planning to add a lot more!

Excellent combination of articles about Kosovo-NATO war plus interesting links
Common Dreams
Massive newscenter about Kosovo
Transnational Foundation of Peace and Future Research
┼xcellent site with many interesting and original texts, including a thorough criticism of the Rambouillet "agreement".
Food for thought
Selected articles by the Diaspora organization
═o to NATO expansion
Inventory of anti-NATO protests, by the International Action Center
Site of the Committee against US Intervention
Serbia Info News
The Web site of the Ministry of Information of Serbia
The Web site of the Serbian Democratic Movement of Kosovo
┬92 News
The independent radio from Belgrade
Belgrade site
Belgrade Academic Association
Another site from Yugoslavia, with breaking headlines.
┼xcellent site with bilingual info, webcam from Belgrade, etc.
Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren
The Web site of the Orthodox Diocese, including the famous Decani Monastery.
Serbia Now!
News site from Serbia.
Fake camps?
Progressive UK magazine LM reveals that famous "Serbian atrocities" photographs may have been a fake -and gets sued for libel. Read the whole story!
Jay's Directory
Massive inventory of leftist texts & links, with special emphasis on the NATO war. Many interesting texts and links.

Personal Web pages
Stories You Cannot Afford To Miss
Selected articles by eminent Western intellectuals.
Information about the crisis in Yugoslavia
Excellent inventory of articles against the NATO war!
Solidarity messages from all over the world.

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