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                                      May 4, 1985, Saturday 

SECTION: Part 2 Eastern Europe; B. INTERNAL AFFAIRS; YUGOSLAVIA; EE/7942/B/1;  

LENGTH: 356 words 

HEADLINE: Serbian Presidency discusses emigration from Kosovo 

SOURCE: Excerpt 

Belgrade home service 1300 gmt 29 Apr 85 

Today's debate [29th April] on the emigration of Serbs and Montenegrins from Kosovo has in many respects gone beyond the schematic framework according to which the situation in Kosovo is better, but emigration has not been curbed. Or, as Presidency President Dusan Ckrebic put it, it is good that the discussion is not held within familiar formulae, because what is at stake is equality of peoples and nationalities, and that is, according to him, an issue that goes deep into the foundations of the Constitution; so, in this context, emigration from Kosovo is Yugoslavia's most difficult problem, which is casting a dark shadow on the democratic achievements of socialist self-management. Nobody calls into question the efforts of the subjective forces in Kosovo that are fighting against Albanian nationalism and irredentism, but practice and results in curbing emigration are the only measure of efficacy. Therefore, the statements on positive trends in Kosovo can be understood as efforts on the mobilisation of forces, but by no means as a definite evaluation of the situation. True, Ckrebic said, there are no demonstrators in the streets, but a heavy atmosphere of pressure has been created on a broader front. Therefore, new forms of struggle and support against the irredentists' intentions must be sought in the municipalities, local communities, work organisations and among the intelligentsia. All these communities, without exception, have to be preoccupied by questions of equality, and efficacious measures have to be undertaken against any form of discrimination. Dusan Ckrebic then pointed out that the Kosovo political leadership must concern itself with cadre policy, which is now such that entire spheres have been covered by Albanian cadres, especially in culture and education, spheres that are most sensitive in view of equal expression of national identity. Serb and Montenegrin cadres should especially contribute to bettering the situation in Kosovo. The forthcoming elections should be used for disposing of careerists and those who do not enjoy confidence in the ranks of their own peoples.

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