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                                    MARCH 7, 1986, FRIDAY 

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HEADLINE: further efforts called for to stop migration from kosovo, yugoslavia 

DATELINE: belgrade, march 6; ITEM NO: 030753 
yugoslavia's top leadership has urged greater efforts to curb the forced migration of serbs and montenegrins from the autonomous province of kosovo, which is threatening to jeopardize the country's integrity.

in a joint meeting here wednesday, the yugoslav state presidency and the ruling league of communists of yugoslavia (lcy) warned that there are still threats to the personal safety and economic and legal security of serbs and montenegrins although resolute measures are being taken to halt their migration and enable them to return to kosovo, the country's news agency tanjug reported today.

it is reported that serbs and montenegrins, which make up 15 percent of the population of the province, have been migrating from kosovo for a number of years. but the migration became more intensive following the riot caused by some albanian nationalists in 1981 and the demand for the creation of an ethnically pure kosovo. albanians account for 85 percent of the residents in the province.

a communique issued at the end of wednesday's meeting, which was also attended by leaders from serbia and kosovo, said that certain progress has been made in stabilizing the social and political situation in kosovo and in supressing overt actions carried out by albanian nationalists and separatists. but the communique added that their illegal activities have not been eradicated and serbs and montenegrins are continuing to leave kosovo under pressure. there is also the failure to fully carry out lcy's plans for solving the kosovo problem, it pointed out.

the yugoslav leadership regards the kosovo problem as a federal case, and calls on the residents in kosovo to move towards combating nationalist activities of all forms so as to further strengthen confidence in the law and unity among all nationalities. the leadership also urged efforts for solving kosovo's economic problem, including creating more jobs for the young people, so as to ensure social security in the region and narrow the scope of hostile activities, according to the communique.

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