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                             April 26, 1987, Sunday, Late City Final Edition 

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HEADLINE: Protest Staged by Serbs In an Albanian Region 

BYLINE: Reuters 

DATELINE: BELGRADE, Yugoslavia, April 25 

Thousands of Serbs demanding better treatment in Yugoslavia's Albanian minority region of Kosovo staged an all-night vigil after the ethnic clashes.

The vigil followed an incident Friday that rekindled tensions between the region's Albanians and other ethnic groups. The clashes also dealt a further blow to the Yugoslav Government, which already faces economic problems and labor unrest on the eve of the first anniversary of the Government of Prime Ministr Branko Mikulic.

In the incident a crowd of 15,000 Serbs and Montenegrins hurled stones at the police after they used truncheons to push people away from the entrance to the cultural center of Kosovo Polje.

The disturbance took place as Slobodan Milosevic, the Communist Party chief of Serbia, was meeting with a delegation of local Serbs and Montenegrins to discuss their grievences.

The Tanyug press agency today quoted Mr. Milosevic as having said that those ordering the use of truncheons against citizens would be disciplined.

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