Photos from the war against Yugoslavia

We tamed this beast!Serb toddler makes "indecent gesture" while dancing on downed F-117 wrecks.

A Mig or a hoax?. NATO released a video of a "Serbian Mig downed in Bosnia". Only, the plane had on it an Annual inspection number inscription in English, with Latin characters. A hoax? See also the related story here.

The three US captured soldiers The shape of things to come?

Military target?The wrecked bridge of NoviSad, hundreds of miles away from Kosovo.

Life in the shelter

Belgrade in flames after Friday bombing

Protecting their bridgeCitizens of Belgrade form human shield to protect a bridge in Belgrade

This factory is ours!Workers of the Zastava plant in Kragugevac, forming human shield

╠ore pain on whom?NATO claimed bombings are causing "more pain on Serbian army". Curiously, civilians were the main target.

╠iraculous NATO medicineThis man, prominent Albanian journalist Baton Haxhiu, was executed last week by Serbians, according to NATO sources. Since he is now alive and well (although, regrettably, no more in Kosovo), we have to assume NATO has discovered some miraculous medicine.

Statistical errorCorpse of young girl in Alekcinac, killed by "intelligent" arms -who cares about a statistical error? Warning: graphic image, may shock

This one was by HitlerPhoto of 1941 bombing -the difference with NATO's lies in the lack of colouring.

In memoriam Bojana Tosovic (1998-1999) Bojana Tosovic, 11 months, was killed by the NATO bombing of Krsumlija during the night of Saturday, April 10, 1999. Her father, Bozin Tosovic (30), was also killed. Her mother, Marija Tosovic, who is nine months pregnant, sustained heavy injuries.

Checkmate on the war On April 10, big simultanious chess game "Checkmate on the war" took place in Belgrade downtown. 1121 chessboards were lined along the main promenade, 1,5km long. The number of chessboards represents years of Belgrade having its name. This happening was initiated by the Yugoslav Chess Assosiation, whose grand masters played chess with their fellow citizens. Among them was Svetozar Gligoric, one of the oldest chess grand masters in the country.

Regrettable but inevitable? That is how NATO professional liars qualified the murderous bombing of a passenger train. It is to be noted that the pilot fired against his target twice.

¤ne "military target" less Three-year old Milica Razic, killed April 17 by a NATO bomb in the bathroom of her home in Batajnica, while sitting on her potty. You can also read more about this crime.

A map of Kosovo

A greater AlbaniaSee the map of the intended greater Albania, courtesy of the American-Albanian Civic League. The project won't stop in Kosovo: Greece, Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) are also targeted.

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