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Time Lady is the home of the 13th Doctor's adventures.  It has gone through several changes over the years and now in August 2005 it comes to an end as the final adventure of the 13th Doctor 'Consumed by Evil' has been written and she gets a spectacular send off...

Doctor Who is the 40 year young sci-fi series returning to BBC 1 next year with Chris Ecclestone as the 9th Doctor.  Here we jump forward in time to see what the 13th Doctor is up to...
Given that regeneration is random and that the Doctor can appear as anyone at all, it's only a matter of time before he becomes a she...
This occured in the 1999 Comic Relief marathon, where Joanna Lumley appeared as the final Doctor in the story The Curse of Fatal Death.
Less than six months later I took the premise of that event, a female Doctor, and wrote a few stories about her I never imagined that the next six years of my life would be affected by it or the strange and unique characters the series would draw out of my subconcious...

added 'Consumed by Evil' to the Season 7 section
it's the final adventure of the 13th Doctor...
plus more minor edits to some pages for the sake of near-perfection...

the doctor discovers that she's a she...

Time Lady Features:
* Every story from the version 1.0 site.  Some have been 'digitally remastered' to clear up certain mispellings, clarify a couple of scenes & change a couple of character names to make them less unpronouncable.
* Detailed story notes providing insight into the thoughts behind the characters and events
* Many hours of original and enjoyable adventures
* The novella-length 40th Anniversary story 'Pandora's Box' that is better than BFP's 'Zagreus' by a factor of lots...

she's back!

Time Lady 2

this time she's a brunette!!


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