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Inexpensive Alternatives

If our fees are beyond your means, there are less expensive ways to get married. 


Celebration Church

[This is a wonderful, generous service often offered by this church.  But it is not always available.  Please check before making plans.]

688 Dan Street
Akron, OH 44310-3909
(330) 762-7458


Universal Life Church (and others)
It is perfectly possible to have a friend get ordained at one of the Internet based churches and then marry you.  These credentials can often be obtained in a very short time.  However, you should be aware that these credentials per se, must be obtained in writing from the church in question and must then be registered with the state in which you wish to have your ceremony performed.  This takes time.  Be sure and allow at least a month - and perhaps longer - for all the paperwork to be done.  Your friend must then file with the appropriate county officials and also must file your license after the ceremony has taken place within the specified time limit. 


How to Get Married in City Hall

Getting married at city hall can be an appealing prospect if you prefer to avoid the
headache, expense and time commitment that goes along with planning a full-scale wedding.

Things You May Need:


Bridal Bouquets

Wedding Rings

Once you have decided on a date, call your local city hall and ask them if you can schedule your marriage ceremony. Find out how many guests you may have with you. Ask if there are any special requirements. Be sure you get your marriage license in advance of the ceremony. Also make sure it is valid in the city & state where you will be married. You must bring your license with you, they will not marry you without it.

It is a good idea to bring proof of your identification. It is best that this be a photo ID of some kind (State ID card, drivers license, etc.)


Marriage at Cuyahoga County Courthouse -  Through Clerk of Courts

The couple must first obtain their marriage license from the Cuyahoga County Marriage License Bureau located in the Lakeside Court House, One Lakeside Avenue.

Marriage appointments are made in person at the Clerk of Courts office. The couple will present their County marriage license to the clerk when scheduling their wedding date. Marriages are performed on Mondays and Fridays from 9:30 a.m. until 11:30 a.m., excluding legal holidays. There is a $20.00 fee (CASH ONLY) that is to be paid at the time of scheduling the marriage. Marriages are performed for City of Cleveland/Village of Bratenahl residents only.

You will receive a confirmation of your marriage date at the time of scheduling your wedding. On your scheduled wedding day, the couple will report to the Judge’s courtroom that is indicated on your paperwork.


[Our wedding officiants do not perform ceremonies at these venues.]