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Fees & Additional Services


The wedding can be held any place you choose.  If you wish to be married at home, that can be arranged.  If you wish to be married in a church, we know of some available for rental and we can arrange that for you as well.
It should be noted that we are located in South Summit County, State of Ohio.  Weddings within 50 miles of this location incur no extra mileage charge.

For some ideas on where to hold your wedding, click here.

Fees for officiating at a wedding can be adjusted, depending upon location and circumstances.  The usual fee for an exchange of vows (including the rehearsal) is $200. Travel expense is another matter. (We live in the southern-most part of Summit County). Any mileage charge will depend upon travel distance and the current fuel price. 


There is a minimum $25 non-refundable fee for reserving your wedding date.  [No date wil be held without a deposit.]   The amount paid will be deducted from the total amount due, which must be paid at (or before) the rehearsal.  Cancellation of the ceremony will not automatically result in a refund of any fee received.   


The fee includes a premarital consultation (not necessarily in person), consultation on your specific vows and ceremony, special options, the rehearsal, officiating at the ceremony, filing of the signed papers with the county, an attractive certificate of marriage, and a copy of the vows used by the officiant at your ceremony.


If our charge is over your budget, there are less expensive ways to be married. You may find some suggestions by clicking here:

For information on event organization or coordination, click here.