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Community Outreach

Scottish American Society

Our representatives and their community involvement

We are very proud of the fact that our members are active throughout the community.  The Scottish people have long been eminent among those who roll up their sleeves and make a contribution.  We do the work, and we don't look for recognition for it - though we are delighted when someone acknowledges us.  Please let us know about your activities in the community at large, so that we may include you on this page.


Sas'y Group at Ohio Mart
Himself, Ann Heflin, Dianne and Dave Allison
Stan Hywet Hall Ohio Mart
Dianne & Dave Allison, Ann Heflin, seated
Star Athlete & Mom at Ohio Mart
Kim and Liz Belvin
The Voice of Ohio Mart
Jim Frost & Hank Lynch, President & CEO of Stan Hywet Hall

There were many other Sas'y members and friends seen around the grounds, not to mention all those who helped throughout the event.  Special thanks to:  Stan Wallace, Gene & Betty Marcus, Julie and Brian McElhiney, Virginia Black, Dreama Powell, Lori Neidert, Bridget and Selena, Kerry & Rose Cavett, Liz &Kim Belvin, Billy & Ann Heflin, Dave & Dianne Allison, Mary Craig, and all the others I am forgetting.  You are all wonderful. 

Members and friends of the Scottish American Society are encouraged to contribute to this site.