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Scottish American Society

Benefit Raffle for Pegasus - to be held at Beltane Festival May 31st

Here is a list of ideas for possible baskets for the Beltane Raffle.  All items in the baskets will be donated by either the members of the Scottish American Society or from local businesses, if at all possible.  If you have any of these items, baskets, or would like to donate anything along the lines of the below basket themes please let me know.
Julie McElhiney
telephone:  330-628-4202
Walker's Shortbread/Tea Basket
     Tea Pot (Julie found a small tea set)
     Bags of tea (Julie)
     Tea Spoons
     Decorative Tea Cups (Julie found a small tea set)
     Tea Pot Cozy
     Walker's Shortbread (already donated by Walkers)
     Handmade decorative towel (Julie)
Wine Basket/Fine Dining Basket  (Maize Valley has volunteered to do a wine basket)
     Hand Painted wine goblets (donated by Julie)
     Hand Painted plate (donated by Julie)
     Cheese or Meat items for cracker plate
     Bottle of wine
     Grape magnets (donated by Julie)
     Any grape themed items
     Gift certificate to a restaurant
Night At The Movies Basket
     Microwave popcorn
     Popcorn container
     Movie passes
     Movie candy
     DVD (Julie has one - could use more)
     Small bottles of pop
     Gift certificate to rental store
Steaming Cup Basket
     Coffee mugs (donated by Julie)
     Candle (donated by Julie)
     Hot chocolate packs
     Miniature marshmallows
     Instant cappuccino samples (donated by Julie)
Relaxation Basket
     Bubble bath
     Bath salts
     Relaxation CD (Julie has one)
     Votive candles
     Bath oil
     Towel for hair
     Small back massager

For The Kids Basket
     Coloring books
     Stuffed Animal
     Small toys (Silly Putty, for example)
     Games or puzzles
     Children's movie
Clean Up The Kitchen Basket
     Hand made cleaning sponges (donated by Julie)
     Dish soap
     Cleaning towels
     Kitchen magnets
     Disposable wet nap cleaning cloths
     Air Freshener
Keep In Touch Basket
     Hand made cards (donated by Julie)
     Stationary (donated by Julie)
     Address book
     Fun pens
     Fun pencils
Scrapbooking Basket (DONE)
     Stickers (donated by Julie)
     Paper (donated by Julie)
     Book (donated by Julie)
     Cut out pack (donated by Julie)
Beer Basket
     Special beer(s)
     Beer mugs (donated by Frosts)
     Beer mats
     Pretzels, chips, snacks
     Fold up sports event chair

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