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Directions to the Frost's house in New Franklin

Scottish American Society

DIRECTIONS to: 5679 Sherwood Forest Drive, New Franklin- (Akron 44319)
From South: Take I-77 through Canton, past Everhard Rd. exits, to Portage Exit. Turn left off Portage Exit. Move to right hand lane as quickly as possible. Shopping complex on your left, McDonalds on your right. Keep going until you come to the Speedway Station. That’s Frank Road. Turn right. Take Frank past the next stoplight where there is a gravel pit, keep going until you come to Strausser. Turn left on Strausser. (It’s at the top of a hill, be careful - you cannot easily see the approaching traffic.) There is no right turn off Frank onto Strausser.

Shortly after you turn on Strausser you will see a landscape supply place on your right (Earth ‘n Wood). Keep going on Strausser - it will seem a long distance. Pass intersection of Wales - Rt. 241 (keep the fire station on your right). Pass Arlington (school on left). Also golf course on left. Pass Lutz. Continue on until you come to Highmill Road. Turn right. (It becomes South Main Street when you enter Summit County.) Eventually you will be driving next to the Nimisila Reservoir. You may not see it through the trees, but it’s there.

You will come to a stop light at Nimisila Rd. The next road left is “Center.” Turn left on Center. Keep going on Center until you come to Bollendar. Careful, it’s easy to miss. Watch for Renninger, then it’s shortly after on your right. Take Bollendar until you come to Sherwood Forest. Turn right.

Seven houses down on your right is our house. It’s creamy colored with green shutters. The front porch has a green cast iron railings & uprights, with chairs and a porch swing. There is a tall pine tree and two mailboxes in front.

The street only has about eight houses on each side. You can pretty much stop at any of them and ask where we live. You may have a problem with the Laotians, however. Talk only to the younger ones. They speak English. The older ones think the name for all dogs is “Sammie” - they smile and nod and don’t understand a word you say. If you say “cookies” they may get the message and point to our house.  Telephone is: Jim's Cell phone:  330-882-0342.  My cell phone: 330-903-4573.

From North: You can take Main Street all the way from downtown Akron to W. Caston Road. *

If you prefer, you can take I-77 South to the Arlington Exit, proceed south on Arlington to East Caston, turn right. Landscaping place on your right. Watch speed carefully - this is a speed trap area. Corner of E. Caston & Main there is an ice cream stand on one side and a pizza place on the other. Both are good, but ignore them. Turn left at the Marathon Station.

*Turn right on West Caston Road (B & D's Nimisila Gardens on your left). Dead ends at Renninger. Turn right. Turn left on the first street you come to which is Valley Crest. Turn left again on Sherwood Forest. The house dead ahead, creamy beige with white trim, green shutters, and a green cast iron railing on the front porch is ours. Jim's cell phone is: 330-882-0342. My cell phone: 330-903-4573

Park in the driveway or along the street. If no one else is having a party, it is not a problem. Just don't block anyone's driveway. (Other than ours.)

Our house

Different view - still our house.