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Scottish American Society





Sunday November 14th at 3:00.. If you wish a Zoom invite, contact Alex. alrisk@aol.com.

Akron Public Library - Akron Public Library - The library meeting rooms are once again available. We have requested our usual room for meetings. Our next meeting will be Sunday, November 14th at 3:00. We hope to be able to include our Zoom members at our meetings. We aren't always able to do this, but please be patient. Sooner or later we'll make this work.

Public computers and Wi-Fi are available at the library. .A limited number of computers are available at every location. Wi-Fi can be accessed in every building or from most parking lots. Visit the library website for details. Masks may be required. Check the library website.
ST. ANDREWS CELERATION - We are hoping to resume our St. Andrews celebration in November. Christy Urquhart Walsh is beginning to plan the event.

BURNS DINNER Burns Dinner will take place at SYB Hall on January 21, 2022. There will be an auction of donated items (we already have a few). We have contacted the SYB hall about arrangements. Life is beginning to return to normal! We are already receiving items for the auction. We recently received a donation of a full (casual) kilt outfit. Thanks to Dave Allison for making this available.

Kathi Macgregor recently donated several items for the auction including a piper doll, some interesting tee shirts, and an equally interesting towel.

TARTAN DAY DINNER - April 10th - Location will be announced.

Highland Dance: If anyone is interested in signing up for classes, please contact Christie Walsh. Adults interested in Scottish Country Dancing? Christie may add an Adult Scottish Country Dance Class in future. Let her know if you want more information.

Questions? Contact Christie Urquhart Walsh at: cwalsh345@yahoo.com or akronscottishdancers@yahoo.com


Celtic Eagle Pipe Band now has a Youth Piping Program. Bagpipe Lessons for Beginners ages 8-18. For more information, please contact Tim Wiley: tim.j.wiley@frontier.com or tim.j.wiley@gmail.com;

Scotland Tours

Scotland trips 2022 - Ed Pearlman tours. More info at www.edpearlman.net/scotland .


Scotland Tours

Scotland trips 2022 - Ed Pearlman tours. More info at www.edpearlman.net/scotland .


Trip 1: June 7 - 17, 2022

Highlands & Skye – Niel Gow’s Scotland

Visit the Highlands and Skye, including amazing vistas in Loch Lomond, Glencoe, Skye, Loch Ness and more, plus unique experiences to several places off-limits to the public, relating to J.S. Skinner, and hearing Niel Gows fiddle at Blair Castle. Meet and hear some of Scotlands best musicians; Gaelic singers, fiddlers, pipers, and more.

Trip 2: June 22 - July 1, 2022

Burns & Borders

Walk in the beautiful home area of many great Scots, including Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, James Hutton (father of modern geology), and John Muir. Visit Edinburgh, various Borders towns, Dumfries, and sites where Burns lived.. The Borders is full of great contemporary Scottish musicians; we’ll have private visits and sessions with some of them, including a borders piper, fiddlers, singers, and more.

Trip 3: July 6 - 16, 2022

The Outer Hebrides

Journey through the Outer Hebrides from south to north, hear great music from the Barra Feis to individual musicians to the great Hebridean Celtic Festival in the Isle of Lewis. Visit a maker of Harris tweed on Harris, see beaches, craggy hills, thatched houses and standing stones; listen to Gaelic song, fiddle, traditional and contemporary bands.

Trip 4: July 21 - Aug 2, 2022

The Northern Tour

Visit the far north of mainland Scotland (Caithness), the northern islands of Orkney and Shetland, and the northeast mainland (Aberdeenshire and Morayshire). Stunning sights, standing stones, cliffs, geos, and an amazing variety of music from these very different areas, including a special festival, private and public music sessions with some of the best musicians in Scotland.



Iron Thistle (OK) Highland Games (October 15-17)

Allegany County (NY) Celtic Festival (October 23 benefit party only in 2021)

Participation in most Scottish activities is not limited to members.  If you would like to attend, please feel welcome to do so.  Call any of the officers for more information. 
Any Scottish group is welcome to a listing on this page.  Send me your information and I'll be happy to include it.  Address information to:  mfrost@nls.net 

Meetings:  Main Library, Akron-Summit County Public Library system, 60 S. High Street, in Akron. Free parking is immediately adjacent to the building in the parking garage on Sunday and weekdays after 6.  (Any other time, there is a charge.  Library patrons can bring in their ticket and have it validated by the guard across from the information desk to receive one free hour of parking on weekdays.) 

* Details on Special Events page.

**SHANO (Scottish Heritage Association of Northeast Ohio) Events. For more information: 440-392-2308 or see: www.scottishheritageohio.com

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For information on Concerts that you might wish to attend, click here.

For information on pipers and pipe bands, click here.