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Annual Summer Picnic

Scottish American Society

The Annual July Picnic will be held August 11th this year.  I'm just sayin...

July 24th 2011 - The Frosts

Note Future Piper Braylon Smith
Donne Shepperly, Jack Robertson & Brian McElhiney
Jane Robertson - joining in with the fiddle.
Some folks stayed inside where it was cool.
It really was cooler inside.
Thermometer outside was 90+
Dianne Allison sharing her Sangria recipe.
Ginny Black is not listening!
Dave Allison chats with Bev Kincaid &
husband Chris.

July 2009 & 2010 - Hosted by Larry & Judy Hunter


It was a beautiful day, despite dire predictions, but the wind was blowing a bit more than a gentle breeze.  If you weren't sitting in a chair, it was quickly blown over. 


Everyone enjoyed the great food and the view.  Many cooked their own hot dogs on the spot - Larry had started a nice bonfire for that purpose.


Some of the group opted for staying on shore and visiting.  Note Ann Heflin and Dreama Powell wading in the water, though.  Picture was taken from the boat as we started our cruise around Turkeyfoot Lake and environs.


We celebrated Liz Belvin's birthday.  Dreama is looking at her gifts.


Kim Belvin is an '09 Graduate of Springfield High School.  Among the top scholars in her class, she graduated with Honors and with many scholarships.  She plans to attend Akron University in the fall.

Jack Robertson & Brian McElhiney
Braylon's little brother, Carter. Born July 3rd.
Great Aunt Liz Belvin introduces him to the group.
Himself was doing barbecue honors.
Selena - Lori Neidert's granddaughter - helped.
Jack & Jane Robertson
What a wonderful addition to our group!

2009 & 2010 Picnic - Hosted by The Hunters


Dahlias from Larry's garden decorated the tables and the ladies could take them home if they wished.  Several did. 


Dianne Allison spoke about the upcoming GiantFest in Seville.  We will be participating in the Memorial Service there in September.


Captain Larry addresses his passengers.  Some of us took a cruise on his pontoon boat. 


A flag waving over Lady Liberty gives some indication of the wind velocity on the lakes that day as we went on our cruise.

Although the weather was windy and even a bit chilly at times, the group enjoyed the food and visiting with each other.  Our profound thanks to Larry and Judy Hunter for allowing us to use their lovely little private park for our event.  We hope to have it there next year as well.  If you didn't get there this year, be sure and make it next time.