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Scottish American Society

Sponsors and auction item donations are being accepted for Pegasus Farm’s “Spreading Our Wings Gala” which will take place on October 15th at Kent Stark University.  The gala event will include a gourmet dinner, live and silent auctions, raffles and a dessert room.  For more information, please contact Carol Lichtenwalter, executive director, at 330-935-2300, ext. 101.
We will collect any donations you bring to our meetings or drop off at our home.  We make periodic trips out to the farm with your gifts.  You are also welcome to drop stuff

off at the farm yourself, if you wish:  7490 Edison Street, Hartville 44632.  If you want to know more about their activities:  check out www.pegasusfarm.org 

 I'd also like to point out that they have a marvelous little shop featuring bulk food items and some handmade craft items as well.  Worth stopping by! These are wonderful folks who provide a super place for those less abled and for the veterans who have helped keep our country safe.  They are very worthy of any assistance we can give to them in their projects.


Click here for the Pegasus Farm Wish List

Photo courtesy Hartville News

Pegasus Presentation - 2014
Celtic Beltane Chairman, Alex Murray, gives check to Pegasus for money raised at the 2014 Festival.


Pegasus presentation, August 2013 - That's Alex Murray passing along the check.

Photo courtesy of the Hartville News

Pegasus Presentation - August 27th 2012

Photo courtesy Hartville News

July 26th, 2010
Presentation of check for $1000 raised for Pegasus at the  Beltane Festival. 


L-R:  Jim & Margaret Frost, Frances Acar, Executive Director of Pegasus, Gene Marcus, Betty Marcus, Michelle Bakan, Brian McElhiney.

and why do we support it?

Pegasus Farm has been a premier therapeutic riding center in Northeast Ohio since 1985. Research shows that horseback riding has exceptional physical and psychological benefits which enable riders with disabilities to achieve control and mobility they may not otherwise experience.

With the help of some very special horses and dedicated volunteers and staff, Pegasus Farm program participants become well-rounded, self-confident individuals.  Pegasus Farm is dedicated to maximizing the potential of handicapped children and adults.

The Scottish American Society has been directing profits from our yearly Celtic Beltane Festival to Pegasus for several years.  We believe it is a worthwhile cause, it is near the site of the festival at Maize Valley Winery, and some of our Highland Athletes are closely connected to Pegasus.  Aside from all that, there has historically been a close connection between the Celts and their horses. 



Volunteers are the life blood of any charitable endeavor.  They help make Pegasus a reality for those who are ability challenged.  Riders count on volunteers for assistance and social interaction.  This is vital to the fulfillment of their goals and for the achievements realized in this therapeutic environment.
There is, of course, no financial reward for volunteering at Pegasus.  But there are priceless and bountiful hugs and smiles.  Volunteers at Pegasus are any age - some into their 90's and still helping out.

For more information on Pegasus Farm and the opportunities there, please click here: