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Marrying Meg Letter

Scottish American Society

From Mark Robertson about Broadway Play

I’m a Scottish based playwright who has written a Scottish musical comedy called MARRYING MEG.  It’s a show that has been a finalist three times in national musicals competitions here in the UK – twice in the prestigious Vivian Ellis Prize and, two years ago, in the Cameron Mackintosh sponsored Highland Quest for a New Musical.

After the enormously valuable experience of the Highland Quest, I continued to develop the show and submitted it earlier this year to the New York Musicals Festival.  To my delight it has been selected as one of this year’s festival shows.  MARRYING MEG will now be performed in its entirety for the very first time in a midtown Manhattan theatre this October.  It’s a fantastic opportunity and, I firmly believe, an honour for both me and for Scotland.  NYMF is the world’s biggest festival devoted to musical theatre, and MARRYING  MEG is the only UK production to take part this year, and the first Scottish musical ever to be chosen.

You can find out more about NYMF on their website at www.nymf.org .  You can also visit the MARRYING MEG show page at www.nymf.org/marryingmeg .  There you can read more about my show and the team we have put together to mount it.

The show itself is firmly rooted in Scottish culture.  It is a musical adaptation of a play called The Lass wi the Muckle Mou by the wonderful Scottish playwright Alexander Reid.  His play is, in turn, an adaptation of two well-known folk tales from the Scottish Borders – the story of Borders’ minstrel Thomas the Rhymer, and the story of “muckle mou’d” Meg Murray and heroic young Willie Scott, and how their somewhat irregular romance and marriage put an end to the long-standing feud between the Murray clan and the Scott clan.

We have already attracted a great team of Broadway professionals to stage this show.  To name but one: our choreographer, Christopher Gattelli, was a Tony-nominee last year for South Pacific on Broadway.  What’s more, with the closing of Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 The Musical on Broadway, we have also succeeded in stealing some of her terrific cast.  All of these people are working for the most nominal of fees, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have them aboard.

I was also thrilled to learn recently that Cameron Mackintosh has agreed to continue supporting MARRYING MEG through a donation from the Mackintosh Foundation.  We are the only show Mr Mackintosh is doing this for.

Currently however, we still have something of a funding gap to cover and, with rehearsals fast approaching, time is growing short.  We need to raise some money pronto!

If you thought this show might be something your society was able to support in any small way, I’d be thrilled to hear from you.  I realise, of course, that society funds will probably not be directly available for something like this (though feel free to tell me I’m wrong!), but if it were at all possible for you to forward this email to society members, or disseminate information about our appeal to them in some other way, it might be a very big help indeed.

If any society members then felt inclined to make a small donation to our show – even 5 or 10 dollars might make a big difference if we get enough support – they could do so by going to the NYMF website ( www.nymf.org ).  NYMF is a non-profit organization, so the donation would be tax-deductible.

The direct “Donation” link is as follows:


Donations can be made directly to MARRYING MEG by choosing it from the drop down menu next to “Donate to a specific production?”

If there is anything else you’d like to know about me, the show or NYMF, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can send you as much information about the show as you require, up to and including a full script and CD of the principal musical numbers, as well as our budget breakdown.

I can be contacted at both these emails:




Or if you would like to speak to me directly, you can phone me on +44 1250 870 627

Hoping you can help.


Yours sincerely


Mark Robertson

Note:  The Scottish American Society does not necessarily endorse this plea.  If you feel you may wish to contribute, we suggest you check it out for yourself.