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St. Andrews Dinner Dance 2010

Scottish American Society

Thank You Message

I picked up a little framed saying at the St. Andrews.  It said:  "Some of life's finest moments are those we share with friends."
So true!  I have put it over my desk and there it will remain.  It will continue to remind me daily of how fortunate I am and how wonderful it is to have my family and so many friends - new and old - pitching in to help - not just with the St. Andrews, but with all the events we sponsor throughout the year. 
The St. Andrews was a wonderful success.  I think everyone enjoyed it, thanks to all the folks who helped and the good efforts of the Saulino family and 2 club golf.  Seems to me to be a perfect fit.  The perfect venue for our family party - because it has become more and more just that - a Holiday event for our Sas'y family.  I love seeing the little ones enjoying themselves, and the applause of those who, like our 101 year old Agnes, don't get up to dance much any more but do like to watch the children.  Loved hearing Joe Walsh and his dad sing the Star Spangled Banner, and Bill Kennedy chiming in with great gusto.
Many thanks to the Saulinos for their attention to detail.  For managing to feed a hungry crowd rapidly, for decorating so festively and so appropriately, and for making us feel so welcome.  I'm sure they were all exhausted, but we really appreciated their efforts.
Thanks to Russ for being our jovial, efficient emcee (this is not just a handsome face) - who kept things on track as much as possible - and to his brother Kenny for being his sidekick and helping in general.  (And wearing those silly, silly hats which made us all laugh.) 
Thanks - as always, to our Christie Walsh and her dancers.  They add so much to the festivity of any occasion.  What a wonderful expression of our heritage!  It's an effort for the dancers, but also for the moms & others who are kind enough to drive them to the venue.  They are unsung heroes.
Thanks to Brian McElhiney for always coming through for us.  Especially on this occasion with his piping and participation in the Akron Ceili band - which was as terrific as always. 
Thanks to Himself for being a genial host and for hauling stuff.  As he said when we were first husband and wife "I know what being married is, it's carrying things."  Little did he know! 
Thanks to Dianne Allison for stepping in to assist with the Auction and with helping serve the cake.  And to Dave who is there to lend an extra pair of hands whenever we need him.
Thanks to Betty & Gene Marcus for once more handling the Silent Auction so smoothly despite Betty's broken arm.  You are both amazing and I can't imagine how we would manage without you. 
Thanks to Bob Morehead for rushing from his assignment for the paper to set up the music for our dancers - and for his lovely wife, Ida, who assisted in the absence of brother Jim who got called away on an emergency. 
Thanks to Donne Shepperly for helping with the planning and behind the scenes work.
My thanks, especially, to Frances Acar, who organized it all and who didn't get flustered when things didn't go quite according to her plans.  She remains flexible, cheerful, and a sincerely wonderful asset to our group. 
The evening progressed so quickly it was over before I knew it and we were all singing Auld Lang Syne.  We made money for our Beltane, but more important, we enjoyed a special evening with some very special friends.
Margaret Frost, Chairman
Scottish American Society

To see photos of the Tigh na Creige Dancers, click here.