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St. Andrews Dinner Dance 2011

Scottish American Society

The 4th Annual Saint Andrews Dinner was held on Friday, December 2nd of 2011 at the S.Y..B. Party Center in Stow, Ohio. It was a fun event. Those who used a GPS (you know who you are) may have had a little difficulty getting there, but thanks to good eyes they quickly pulled into the correct parking lot. Russ and Ken Luyster kept everyone entertained all evening, and made sure the event ran according to the schedule arranged by the event chairman, Frances Acar. You better believe it!

Jim Frost sold tickets for the bar, aided by Tim Walsh. Jim also bought and brought the alcoholic beverages.

Frances & Will Acar, Donne & Craig Shepperly, & The Frosts helped put the decorations together. Betty and Gene Marcus set up and kept the Silent Auction running smoothly, netting us a tidy sum for our Beltane Festival expenses. Bob Morehead kept the music flowing, Ida Morehead created our beautiful cakes, Dreama Powell played the Celtic Harp, the Celtic Eagle Pipe Band played, and Chris Smith came all the way from Cincinnati with wife, Bev Kincaid to play for us.

We can’t thank these people enough for all their effort. No event can ever be a success without the contributions and effort of many people coming together. This was a perfect example.

I didn’t bring my camera with me, so will have to rely on others to provide me with photos of the evening. Bill Kennedy captured the moment when Gene Marcus placed the Rose and Thistle award around Betty’s neck.

But thank you all - many times over. We couldn’t do it without you!

Photo by Bill Kennedy
Photo by Bill Kennedy

For information on last year's St. Andrews, click here.

Thanks to all who helped make this event a success - those who planned it, those who entertained, those who drove long distances to attend, those who contributed Silent Auction items and those who purchased them.  You are the BEST!