Hey, Boudreaux!

Y'all are most cordially invited
To the
CELEBRATION 2002! Bring Thibodaux too!
Saturday, February 9th
8 PM 'till we run out of punch...


Boudreaux, he go to da big city up North, way up North, 'round Washintin, to dat crazy Miss-you party. He get lost and don't know his way. Well, being a good Cajun, he find a bar and go inside to get directions. He ask the bartender "Where's your halo statue? I gotta' find that Miss you party!"

Bartender says "Sorry sir, we do not have one."

Boudreaux say "What!? Every bar got a halo statue! Come on now, give me dat halo statue! Igotta' find that Miss-you party!"

Bartender says "Sir, I told you, we do not have one!"

Boudreaux say "Man, can't you see I'm lost? I gotta find that Miss-you party. I need a halo statue!"

Bartender says "Sir, are you drunk? This is not a church, I am not a minister, and we do not have a halo statue!"

Boudreaux says "Look man, do I got to spell it out to you? You know dat thing what just hang on the wall, don't do nothing for a long time, then it go ring, ring? Den you pick it up and say 'Halo, statue missyou?' Well dats what I need!"

Dat Miss-you party at:

1513 North Rhodes Street, APT. ONE
Arlington, VA
Use the Halo Statue to RSVP: 703-465-2961

Or email-moi at:

Boudreaux and Thibodaux visited their Maine cousins

When dey get up dere, Boudreaux and Thibodaux decide dey gonna go ice fishin' since its only June.

Dey ask dere cousin Michaud where dey can go ice fishin. Michaud says "Millinocket Lake is right there up the Golden Road. Good fishing there. Take this bait and these ice picks to break the ice so you can fish..."

Two hours later, Boudreaux comes back looking for another ice pick.

Michaud says "How's it going?"

Boudreaux says "Fine, fine. But I ain't never seen so much ice." He takes the ice pick and leaves.

Two hours later, Boudreaux comes back looking for more ice picks.

Michaud says "Catching much?"

Boudreaux says "Catching much? We ain't never even launch dat boat yet"!

Hey! Y'all are one of people
to have visited this little ol' Fai-do-do!