The Michaud Family History
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Reginald Michaud, Sr., was 22 years old when he married Edwidge Daigle, who was 25, on April 5, 1937. Reginald's parents were George A. Michaud and Ida Daigle. Eddie's parents were Rene "Remmie" Daigle, a farmer from Ft. Kent then living in Eagle Lake, and Adelia Depres, also from Ft. Kent. In 1944, while working for the Coast Guard off the coast of Maine, Reginald was washed from a navigation light and drowned. Eddie remarried (to a Moody) and passed away in 1969.

They had four children: Reynold, Carlyn, Joanne, and Reginald Jr.

1) Leon Reynold Michaud
was born on February 29, 1940, in Eagle Lake, Maine. He married Lora Gail Shorey on ?. He died in a lumber truck accident on June 28, 1968 in Lincoln, ME. (Bangor Daily News Death Notice, June, 1968). He was buried on June 30, 1968 in Mt. Repose Cemetary, Burlington, ME. They had the following children:

Jeffrey Leon MICHAUD

Leon Reynold MICHAUD Jr. was born and died on 17 Jul 1961 in Lincoln, ME. He was buried on 19 Sep 1961 in Mt. Repose Cemetary, Burlington, ME.

Joel Robert MICHAUD

Lora Gail Shorey remarried, to Philip George Harding, and had one child:
Andrew Philip Harding

2) Carlyn Michaud Libby

3) Joanne Michaud Gilpatrick

4) Reginald Girard Michaud, Jr., married Carol Ann McLaughlin on November 24, 1962. Carol's parents were Ralph McLaughlin and Lera Waite.

Their children are
R. Scott Michaud (1963)
Reginald Girard Michaud III (1965)
and Robert Paul Michaud (1968).

The family moved to Brewer in 1968, and then to Connecticut. Reggie works in a paper mill in Maine. Carol works as a computer systems manager in Connecticut.

Information from Maine State Archives and family records,
with assistance from Colin Michaud and Richard Hebert.




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