Conference on Sustainable Development

Konferensi Pembangunan Berkelanjutan di Timor Lorosa'e

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 Published by Timor Aid
Avenida dos Direitos Humanos, Lecidere, Dili, East Timor.

 First Published 2001 

Copyright remains with the authors.

Please freely copy and use this text with due reference to the authors and to this publication.

Editors: Russell Anderson and Carolyn Deutsch

Sustainable Development and the Environment in East Timor: Proceedings of the Conference on Sustainable Development in East Timor, held from 25-31 January 2001.

Designed by Russell Anderson and Carolyn Deutsch.

The Conference, and hence this publication have been made possible by support from donors: USAID, HIVOS (Netherlands), Catholic Fund for Overseas Development (CAFOD), Trocaire (Ireland), Embassy of Finland, Canada Fund UNICEF, UNDP, NZODA, and AusAID.  



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