The Conference on Sustainable Development

was initiated by Jose Ramos Horta and Timor Aid.


Conference Supported by:  


 HIVOS (Netherlands)

Catholic Fund for Overseas

Development (CAFOD) 

Trocaire (Ireland)

Embassy of Finland

Timor AID





Canada Fund.



Further Support from:

Protimos Foundation, Ecological Architects Australia, RECOFTC, Environment Australia, International Union for Conservation and Nature, Icelandic international Development Agency, Northern Territory University, Australian Volunteers International, Norwegian Government, BP Solar, Mineral Policy Institute, Australian Computer Society, Natural Resources and Environment, Victoria, RMIT Department of Geospatial Science.


Confernce Advisors:  

Mario Nunes -ETFOG, Joaquim Fonseca - Yaysan HAK, Aderito de Jesus, SAHE,

 Domitrio Amaral -Haburas, Angus Mackay & George Bouma, EPU UNTAET, Carlos Alberto Baros Forindo- Ema maTA Dalan ba Progresso ETTADEP. 


Coordinating Committee & Contacts:

Maria Isabel Da Silva , Americo Da Silva , Ajerino Vieira  tel: 0438836980, Annalisa  Koeman tel: 0419182212, Carrie Deutsch 0438003037, Russell Anderson tel: 0418 630 237. Email:,


Others who worked on the Conference:

Marc Beuniche, Selma Hayati, Susie Russell, Sue Lennox, Alfredo Issac, Filomena da Silva Soares, Steve Malloch,  Bret Eartheart and all those others that have volunteered some of their time.