The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms (1953)
Monster movies don't get much better. Paul Christian, a nuclear scientist, is sure his partner was killed by a monster only he has seen. Nobody believes him, until a paleontologist helps him link several sea disasters and accounts of a sea serpent together, to prove to the military this is a true concern. This comes all-to late when the giant animal (a rhedosaurus) surfaces in wall street, leveling several bloks, cars, and people in his way. Finally the six story menace is burned to a cinder when it's trapt within the Coney Island rollercoaster. This was the best 50's "dinosaur (or monster) on the loose" movie. Paula Raymond is Christian's girlfriend, and Cecil Kellaway is the paleontologist. Special effects by the legendary Ray Harryhausen, and based on popular fiction author Ray Bradburry.