The Space age adventuress whose exploits are among the most bizarre ever seen.

BARBARELLA is one of a few cult films that can be called a "Holy Grail" of cultdom. Jane Fonda's titillating sci-fi adventure is an endless, trippy delight.

Barbarella is a futuristic girl from Earth who is called on to retrieve Duran-Duran, a noted scientist, from the evil planet of SoGo. On her perilous (and quite sexy) journey she teams with blind angel Pygar (John Phillip Law), and battles the Black Queen (Anita Pallenberg) along with various sexual torture devices.

The film is hilarious, from the Black Queen's catch-cry of "pretty pretty pretty" to the hoard of evil children with what look like rabid Cabbage Patch dolls. Barbarella's anti-gravity striptease during the opening credits is a hoot, too.

BARBARELLA was directed by Roger Vadim (then the husband of Jane Fonda), and is full of vintage 60's retro influence.